Cheaper X-3 Alternative: Gym-Quality Resistance Band Bar For Isometric Training

Apr 29, 2024

Has the price point of X-3 bars kept you locked out of the training you need? Settle for something better (and cheaper) with the versatile and affordable F-2 resistance band bar!

Let’s not mince words here. The X-3 system is expensive, especially if you want to get full mileage out of it. Sure, cheaper options are available on Amazon, but you probably can’t trust the quality of those products that much. Does the best of both worlds actually exist? In fact, it does in the form of the F-2 resistance band bar! Easy to upgrade and compatible with many major brands of resistance bands, exercise machines, and any other fitness product you can think of, this neat piece of gym-quality equipment is basically all you’ll need in your arsenal once you buy it; it’s that versatile!

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Versatility at a Great Price Point

Developed as an affordable alternative to Arthur Jones’ Nautilus equipment, the F-2 resistance band bar can be used in place of its X-3 counterpart. JC Fitness Gear explains that, much like the X-3, the F-2 is designed to provide users with varying resistance throughout the lift while preventing damage to the muscle fibers. It basically does the same thing, but it’s more affordable.

You can also play around with it a lot more! Featuring a modular design, the resistance band bar is adjustable and has a maximum length of 53 inches, making it suitable for squats and other exercises that require a longer band. Its versatility allows for a wide range of additional applications; you can combine it with heavy bands, tube bands, free weights, and isometrics to create a single training system to accommodate your fitness needs.

A Portable Resistance Band Bar

While designed to be compatible with different exercise machines, the F-2 bar doesn’t require large equipment to use, setting it apart from the Nautilus system. It’s also perfect if you have space constraints; you can’t exactly cram a whole gym into your living space if said living space is a tiny apartment! 

This also contributes to its portability; the resistance band bar can be dismantled to save space, and is more travel-friendly than other similar products as a result. 

Easy to Upgrade

The F-2 is available separately, but it can also be purchased as part of a package with the F-2 IsoResistance Platform, which includes all accessories necessary for you to create a fitness system to your liking. 

If you’re looking to use the F-2 system for isometric and progressive resistance training, JC Fitness Gear also recommends purchasing the ChainBeast modular connector to complement the resistance band bar. The ChainBeast enables the bar to be adapted to chains, and the larger Pro XL variant will also fit into Olympic sleeves. The F-2 is currently the only bar that can be adapted to chains, by the way. It’s that cool.

One satisfied customer said, “When I started using the F-2 bar, I realized that I could actually get rid of a lot of my other barbells and equipment. This product can be used not just as a resistance band or a weighted barbell; it can also accommodate the needs of other fitness systems I’m using.”

With all of this in mind, you won’t even need a gym membership anymore; with the F-2, you can do all your training at home! How about turning your DIY gym dreams into a reality? Now that the F-2 is in the picture, it’s more doable and affordable than ever!

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