Washington, DC Dental Content Marketing Expert Grows Brand Awareness, Rankings

Apr 25, 2024

With Mint Media, you can put your Washington, DC dental practice on the map, with targeted local content marketing that showcases your treatments and boosts your authority!

Ranking well on Google doesn't have to be hard work – outsource your marketing to Mint Media, and let the expert writers handle it for you! You can focus on providing great dental care, while the team establishes you as the go-to leader in your space, and helps you hit the 3-Pack.

Grow your reach at https://mintymedia.clientcabin.com/

Connect with more local patients

By offering a multimedia approach to marketing, the team helps you connect with patients across more channels - ranging from Google News to podcast directories and YouTube, advertising your treatments and services in places where prospects spend most of their time online.

According to data from Moz, businesses featured in the 3-Pack have an average clickthrough rate of 44%, which falls to an 8% average for those in the general organic rankings. Being aware of these insights, Mint Media is committed to helping you secure these more prominent positions so you can improve patient acquisition without relying on paid ads.

Create eye-catching content

The agency publishes a varied mix of pro-grade content on reputable, high-authority websites, with fully managed distribution. This approach allows you to borrow credibility from established platforms, effectively positioning you as a leader in your local area. By associating your brand with trusted online sources, you can amplify your visibility and influence.

Mint Media's content marketing service encompasses a range of formats, including news stories, branded blogs, podcasts, videos, and slideshows - which are ideal for demonstrating dental treatments. The diversity of content also creates a more exciting and engaging way for you to present your services and build trust with your audience.

Become the local leader

The agency's approach is to first establish a strong local presence before gradually expanding your reach over time. By initially concentrating on local search results, you can effectively capture the attention of patients within your immediate area and lay the foundation for successful growth in the future.

A spokesperson states: "Searches for dentists near me have increased by over 900% in the last two years alone, and half of all searches are looking for local businesses. If you want to reach those patients and get found at the top of search listings, we can help."

Are you looking for a proven way to reach more dental patients near you?

Check out https://mintymedia.clientcabin.com/ for targeted local content marketing!

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