Emotion Identification App For Videos Offers Livestream Vital Sign Analysis

Apr 29, 2024

What if there was software that could tell you how someone else was feeling? Gleenr does that, you can try it for free, right now. Soon they’re adding real-time analysis, so you can identify emotions in livestreams, or using baby monitors.

Picture this: You're running a livestream business meeting, and trying to gauge how your employees feel about a new project - but you can't watch them all at once.

Gleenr can help with that. It's a new software tool that can detect and track emotions, using nothing but a normal video. I know it sounds futuristic, but it's real - you can even try it out, right now, absolutely free. Just visit https://gleenr.app to see how it works.

Video Analysis, Made Easy.

With the world transitioning towards ever more online connections, and often fewer physical visits, it is becoming obvious that many emotional nuances can be missed in both business and casual conversations.

This is a much bigger loss than it sounds like - but it doesn't have to be like that.

With the right software tools, you can become even better at identifying emotions in videos, without doing any of the work. If you don't believe me, that's ok - I can prove it.

Follow the link I shared, and click "Upload a video" to try it out. You'll need an account, but it only takes a few seconds to make one, and they're totally free.

Gleenr Options Right Now.

Right now, as it exists currently, Gleenr is already known for its capacity to detect emotions in an uploaded video. But, this is only the beginning.

The newest round of updates will include several advanced features, such as the ability to interface in real time with active video chats or live streams, and that will change everything.

While Gleenr is available for anyone to try, the free options are limited to 3 videos per month, with a maximum of 10 annually, and each video can only be a maximum of 30 seconds. That's lots to use for free testing, but not a lot if you find it as helpful as I do.

To access more video analysis, or a longer maximum video length, you can register for a Pro account to receive analysis on up to 100 videos per month, up to 60 seconds each. It's still super affordable, which is a big bonus

Gleenr Into The Future.

When the latest updates are available, you will be able to connect Gleenr to a wide range of Wi-Fi devices, such as baby monitors or telehealth equipment, and that's just to start.

This real-time monitoring is expected to provide detailed information about breathing rates, temperature variations, and blood pressure, without requiring any hardware other than a camera. It's like a full lie detector setup except it covers the full range of emotions, using nothing but an off-the-shelf webcam.

Imagine how much knowledge you'll have access to with real-time analysis of emotions, as they happen. You could use that knowledge to do just about anything, from improving your products to building better customer and employee relations.

Privacy Concerns, Of Course.

If this sounds a little scary - that's good. I'm glad that you're concerned, but you don't need to be. Not about Gleenr.

To ensure the privacy and safety of all parties, uploaded videos are never archived, or used after the analysis results are posted. The company does not use any facial recognition software, retain any biometric data, or share uploaded videos with any third parties.

In short, your data is still your own, they just analyze what you upload and send you the results, with no tricks.

The company's website can probably explain it better than me, so here's an excerpt I stole from it, “Gleenr captures the emotions behind the words you hear. It literally gleens—in real time—cues you miss online. Like a trusted friend, Gleenr can give you more intel on a person or situation. The extra insight can give you confidence and peace of mind to help you prep for what’s next.”

If knowing more about what others are thinking is important to you, and it definitely should be, then Gleenr can make things a whole lot easier.

Just upload the video you want to learn about, and voila! You'll get a full analysis, for free, right away.

Don't take my word for it, I'm a blog writer, and we're notorious liars. Check it out for yourself, at https://gleenr.app - and no, before you ask, they can't identify emotions in your pets... yet.

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