Get Zero Fee Credit Card Processing In Mesa, AZ | Next Day Funding & No Contract

Dec 12, 2022

Save up to 4% on almost every sale you make, without any extra effort. Our Lokal Payments can help you to cut your credit card processing fees to literally zero – and you’ll still get next-day funding.

Get Zero Fee Credit Card Processing In Mesa, AZ | Next Day Funding & No Contract

Are you tired of paying up to 4% on every transaction, just because your customers want to pay with a credit card?

They should have the option to pay any way they want, but it shouldn't be business owners that are stuck paying the fees.

Our Lokal Payments have launched a new payment processing program that bundles processing fees into each sale, so you can save up to 4% per transaction by allowing your customers to pay their own fees.

Visit to learn more about how it works, or to cut your payment processing fees down to 0%.

Around the world, a new trend is beginning, and countries like Canada have just released new guidelines to help merchants pass on their payment processing fees to consumers. Ahead of what is becoming a global trend, Our Lokal Payment’s new no-fee system can help you to reduce your monthly fees, while also offering your customers an incentive to pay in cash.

The new system works simply, by including the traditional processing fees included in every credit card transaction, directly into the sales price paid by your customers. This method has customers paying their own transaction fees instead of passing them on to the business and leaves you with zero processing fees at the end of the month.

Though Our Lokal Payments includes next-day funding in its new payment processing plan, many business owners would still prefer to receive cash, which is more likely under the new system. By passing off the processing fees to customers, they have the incentive to make more purchases using cash, to save 4% on their own bills.

You can set up Our Lokal Payment’s new payment processing plan using their complimentary white glove setup service. Their expert team can walk you through the transition process, and they have a live tech support team available 24/7 to assist with any complications.

Our Lokal Payments have included a free, no-obligation assessment that you can use to determine if your business qualifies for the no-fee payments processing program. The assessment includes eight simple questions and can also help you to determine how much your business can reduce costs by eliminating credit card processing fees.

A satisfied client said, “Their service is phenomenal. They helped me throughout the process, from application to the usage of the system. I saved a lot of money at the end of the month. More money for my business.”

Get ahead of the trend.

Use Our Lokal Payments to cut your payment processing fees to zero overnight, and put the fees where they belong. You can even use the new fees as a promotion, "pay cash to save up to 4%, instantly."

Visit to find out if your business qualifies, and fill out their quick assessment to find out how much you can save.

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