Get 100% Off Credit Card Sales With This Gilbert, AZ Merchant Payment Solution

Oct 28, 2022

Are you tired of paying credit card fees every time a customer shops at your store? Call Our Lokal Payments at +1-623-274-6555 for a zero-fee solution!

Get 100% Off Credit Card Sales With This Gilbert, AZ Merchant Payment Solution

Let's face it, credit card processing fees can be a death knell for businesses. They weigh you down and stop you from growing in the way you want. But what if there was a better way?

That's where Our Lokal Business comes in! Focusing on supporting small and medium-sized companies, it provides expert payroll and invoicing. It also manages credit card transactions without fees, offering enhanced growth potential for SMB clients.

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With traditional payment processing, credit card fees are a limiting factor for growth. Payment terminals can charge between 2.7% and 4% with every purchase, meaning you are limited to 96% of each sale. Potential fees include the interchange, transaction, and authorization charges, a statement fee, and a variety of others that can be difficult to track.

Our Lokal Payments incorporates the above fees into the sale, passing a small additional payment to the cardholder. In this way, you receive 100% of every sale and the customer can still receive points for their purchase. Additionally, there is a natural discount available for those who pay with cash.

As a white glove service, full guidance is available and live tech support is provided to avoid disruption and facilitate a smooth transaction process.

In 2022, Visa and MasterCard raised merchant fees, contributing to an unstable and challenging landscape for sellers. By using the OLP program from Our Lokal Payments, you can minimize the impact of these changes and use the savings to fund further growth.

With years of experience in the business management and financial processing space, Our Lokal Payments assists you in your pursuit of growth. An initial consultation can provide further details on the available options, with packages customized to your needs. In addition to its payment processing solution, the company offers a variety of other business services. These include content marketing, working capital funding, and buy now, pay later scheme implementation.

A spokesperson for the company states: “With the OLP processing plan, you never have to worry about processing fees. Thousands of happy and satisfied merchants have already switched, and more are signing up every day.”

Are you ready to wave goodbye to those pesky fees? You're in the right place!

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