Get Zero Credit Card Processing Fees & 24/7 Customer Service In Chandler

Mar 16, 2023

Are you still paying up to 4% in fees for every credit card transaction? Stop wasting money, and start using Our Lokal – they’ll instantly reduce your portion of the fees by 100%, and show you how to offer discounts to customers with cash.

Get Zero Credit Card Processing Fees & 24/7 Customer Service In Chandler

Did you know that if you made $1 million in credit card sales, you might have paid as much as $40,000 just in payment processing fees?

That's a huge amount, and it comes directly out of your profits - but it doesn't have to.

Our Lokal’s payment processing can cut your fees to nothing, instantly.

They include all the fees associated with payment processing in the purchase price for your customer, so you're not stuck paying every time someone wants to use a credit card.

Simple, right? You can learn all about how it works on their website,

With traditional payment processing services, each transaction includes a fee of 2.7% - 4%. Now, since the customer is making the purchase, and choosing to use a card with an associated fee, it would make sense for them to pay the fee, right?

Unfortunately, that isn't how it works... or at least it isn't how it used to work, before Our Lokal. With their system, the fees go where they belong, which means they don't come out of your profits.

You might be wondering - if the fee is added to the customer's bill, does that mean that customers that use cash get a discount?

You would be absolutely right, and the best part is, their discount doesn't affect your profits in any way. That's the beauty of this system because every customer gets to choose. They can have the convenience of paying with a card, but like all conveniences, it comes with a small cost. Or, they can pay with cash, and get an instant discount in comparison, because there is no fee.

It sounds like a win-win situation, but what if you're not making $1 million in credit card sales, how much money will you actually save, and is it even worth it?

The good news is that you can find out, and it's super easy. Drop by the Our Lokal website and use their free, no-obligation eligibility checking tool to get an estimate of how much money this system can save your business. All you have to do is answer 8 simple questions.

The answer to the second question, no matter how many credit card transactions your business has, is a definite "Yes." If you have even one credit card transaction, it will definitely save you money, and it's easy to set up. Our Lokal's "White Glove Service" will help you through the entire process, step-by-step, and they'll continue to provide in-depth support that's available 24/7 - at no cost to you.

Our Lokal is like a one-stop shop for business owners, with a full range of merchant solutions beyond payment processing, for marketing, brand-building, and accounting. You can find the full list of services on their website, including payroll, funding, content marketing, and automatic invoicing.

Of course, you shouldn't take my word for it - if you're on the fence, I suggest checking out their online reviews, written by other business owners like yourself.

As one happy store owner explained, “I was not interested in the beginning, but when they explained the benefits of their payment processing, I was sold. Very simple solution, but it helped me a lot in our everyday processes and saved money for our company. I highly recommend Our Lokal.”

Stop throwing away money and paying the processing fees for your customers - that money should be going into your profits.

Our Lokal will ensure that you receive 100% of every transaction, with no payment processing fees, no contracts, and no strings attached.

Find out how much you could save by visiting and answering 8 simple questions.

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