CA Legal Resource Expert Offers E-Recording of Clerical Documents & Judgments

Aug 25, 2021

Countrywide Process updates its legal services to include improved e-recording of clerical documents such as mechanic’s liens and abstract of judgments. The online service gives clients convenient access to their files.

Never lose important legal documents again with the best national professional legal e-recording service!

Countrywide Process, an online professional legal resource, announces its updated virtual recording services for judgments and abstract of judgments. You can now have all your important legal and clerical documents electronically recorded, and have them be recognized in more than 2,000 counties nationwide.

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The updated service reduces the risk of losing important data and gives you convenient access to your files. Countrywide Process can now electronically record abstract of judgments, mechanic’s liens, and other legal documents.

Several legal studies have found that losing important files or not having access to clerical documents delays court proceedings and may affect the outcome of a specific case. Legal experts encourage people to keep their important legal documents safe and recommend e-recording some of them.

Countrywide Service updated its service to use the latest technology in e-filing and e-recording. It continues its mission of being a one-stop solution for all its clients’ legal processing needs. Their affordable legal services allow you to e-record your documents for as low as $25. Further information can be found at 

There are a few simple steps that you need to do to electronically record your abstract of judgment. After setting up a free account on the site, simply place a new county recording order, scan and send your documents separately, and press submit. You will then receive an order confirmation via email. Orders are processed in a few business days.

It is important to e-record important documents such as abstracts of judgments in case of delayed payment or other legal concerns. An electronic copy of the summary of judgment serves as evidence against a defendant should they fail to pay on time or in full.

A spokesperson of the company said, “We minimize the time and energy you spend during the preparation of documents to be sent out for service to a process server. Once you create an account with us, you can log on to our website and start submitting jobs online.”

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