Buy Non-Slip, Full Coverage Car Seat Protectors For Vacations With Dogs

Aug 9, 2023

Prepare for fun travels with your best pal this summer with Doviast’s waterproof car seat cover.

If you’re planning on hitting the open road or beach with your favorite pooch, you need to get one of these super-protective car seat covers!

While it can't guarantee a good hotel, prevent bad weather or traveler's tummy, Doviast's waterproof cover will ensure your adventures don't entail scratches, drool, shedding hair, smells, or worse on your vehicle's seats!

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Easily installed with snap buckles and anchors, the travel accessory won’t slide around transit. It provides full coverage, preventing ‘surprise finds’ down your seat’s sides, and ensuring your dog has a safe and supremely comfortable journey.

For maximum protection, Doviast’s seat cover features 5 layers of material. Its water-resistant coating covers 600D Oxford polyester fabric and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), forming a breathable, hygienic, and absorbent barrier that is suitable for both hot and cold weather. These are followed by a soft cotton pad to keep pets comfortable on long journeys and a non-slip net. Several customers have reported that the cover stays dry when water is poured on it.

With a hammock-style design, the store’s Dog Car Seat Cover protects the base, sides, and doors of vehicle seating areas. Measuring 60.1” by 84.4”, it fits the majority of cars. For additional convenience, the accessory features 2 handy pockets for you to store a leash, water bottle, food, and other pet essentials.

For easy removal and cleaning, Doviast’s cover can be unbuckled and carried using its anchors which double up as handles. Pet hair can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, and the fabric can be hand-washed or placed in a washing machine.

The shop's other travel products include an adjustable Dog Car Seatbelt to keep pets secure on the road and ensure they don’t distract drivers. A range of portable water bottles are also available including lightweight, collapsible designs that take up minimal bag space.

Doviast sells a wide variety of pet care products that have been selected for their quality, durability, and functionality. Items can be shipped throughout the USA from the store’s fulfillment center in California.

A spokesperson for the company said: “This dog seat cover is great. It fits perfectly and the clips are really strong. It’s adjustable, so my dog won’t be able to pull it down. The bottom is made from special rubber, so the dog doesn’t slip during driving.”

For the best pet care products at the lowest prices, visit Doviast today!

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