Buy Authentic Rose Quartz For Protection & Emotional Healing: 0.5-oz Bottles

Jul 26, 2023

For ages, across cultures crystals have been used in rituals for their healing, protection, and purification abilities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or depressed, these Rose Quartz gems from Parlour of Wonders may just be what you need.

If you’re big on crystal healing or just discovering the incredible powers locked inside crystals, Parlour of Wonders stocks a wide variety of gemstones to meet all your needs.

The online store for everything spirituality has on offer Rose Quartz, which is renowned for its healing, protection, and grounding abilities.

Parlour of Wonders believes their gemstones feature distinctive energy profiles you can incorporate into your spiritual work to raise your vibration, release negative patterns, and stay grounded, especially if you’re dealing with emotional distress or negativity.

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The launch coincides with a report from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), which shows an uptick in the number of Americans turning to alternative medicine, including everything from acupuncture and yoga to tai chi and healing crystals, as part of an integrative, organic approach to wellbeing.

While Rose Quartz features regularly in more than one culture, it has long been considered the national gem of Scotland. It appears frequently in Celtic folklore and legends, with particular references to the ancient druidic tradition.

The Rose Quartz is intended as a protection tool and can be used to ward off spiritual attacks. You can integrate the gems into your daily spiritual and self-care rituals by using them to create crystal grids on a home altar space, charm bags, and mandalas, and as an aid for amplifying positive intentions.

Parlour of Wonders has other suggested ways you can put your new Rose Quartz to use in order to maximize its energetic potential. In particular, they say that you can use the crystals when loading candles. Using crystal-infused candles for meditation can heighten your experience, allowing you to manifest your desires quicker.

The crystals can be cleansed by being left in a bowl of sea salt water overnight and revitalized with spiritual energy when placed in the light of a full moon. They are currently available in 0.5-ounce bottles.

Alongside an array of crystals and minerals, the store also retails a variety of other spiritually charged items, such as runes, bath crystals, soaps, and spiritual oils, among others.

A spokesperson for the store said, "Rose Quartz is a healer and protector stone. Use it to heal emotional distress and protect from spiritual attacks, as well as to remove negativity, relieve anxiety and worry, and heal sadness and despair."

Take your first steps to inner peace and tranquillity with these Rose Quartz gems from Parlour of Wonders.

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