Build The Best Defence For CNO Discipline Hearings With This Top Toronto Lawyer

Mar 15, 2023

William Jaksa (416-900-0998) has been flying the flag and fighting the good fight for the Toronto nursing community for many years. He can help you get back to work and keep your record clean.

Build The Best Defence For CNO Discipline Hearings With This Top Toronto Lawyer

When you first got into nursing you probably never thought you'd need a lawyer but life throws up some tricky situations when you're working under pressure. If your career and reputation are on the line because of some baseless allegations or you're in the middle of a serious dispute with your boss, call William Jaksa Criminal Litigation!

The firm offers you expertise and guidance to help mitigate any unnecessary damage to your reputation and protect your career prospects. Mr. Jaksa and his team bring many years of experience in representing clients at regulatory body hearings, ensuring that your rights are upheld at every stage of the disciplinary process.

If you're angry that your professional integrity has been called into question and you want to clear your name, William Jaksa Criminal Litigation can help! More details at

The firm explains the importance of securing the services of an experienced lawyer as soon as you become aware of disciplinary charges being brought against you. This allows the defence team to mitigate any collateral damage. You might unwittingly incriminate yourself in an effort to clear your name or dispute the allegations. Do things by the book - get a lawyer on the case!

While disciplinary incidents are still relatively rare within the nursing profession in Canada, increased regulation across the health sector and understaffing have compounded the pressure that nurses and other medical professionals are under. Regulatory and professional hearings still carry the weight of a formal legal hearing with evidence presented and witnesses appearing to bolster your defence.

Mr. Jaksa has years of experience representing clients who have been charged with breaches in the nurse-client relationship, failure to provide a duty of care, and any form of disregard for their profession's ethical standards. Charges and allegations may come from within - from fellow staff members and management, or patients.

The College of Nurses of Ontario is the presiding regulatory body which governs nurses in the region. The organization is obligated to investigate all complaints made against its members. William Jaksa helps you assemble all of the necessary documentation to refute any allegations of misconduct. The team also has a detailed understanding of the Health Professions Act and the Nursing Act and the likely sanctions that you'll face if you're found to have violated the code of conduct.

A spokesperson says, “Licenced professionals are always held to a higher standard by the public and by their respective professional licensing bodies and regulators. If you are facing a professional regulation complaint or have a pending professional discipline matter, it is important to have an experienced lawyer by your side.”

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You've spent your life looking after other people - now it's time to make sure someone is looking after you. William Jaksa has got your back!

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