Build A Safe Home Shooting Range With This Reliable Fire Training Equipment

Mar 4, 2021

Looking for reliable shooting range equipment? Call Spire Ranges for custom cutting-edge shooting stalls, bullet traps, and range controls for your caliber and range size!

Never compromise on quality and safety when building a private or commercial gun range! Get reliable shooting range equipment from Spire Ranges!

Spire Ranges, a fire training equipment manufacturer, launched an updated range of equipment and software for custom indoor and outdoor gun ranges.

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With the new announcement, the company aims to provide reliable turnkey solutions for building a cutting-edge private gun range.

Regardless of whether you are building it for entertainment or for fire training, a home shooting range requires careful planning. A reliable producer can ensure that your shooting range is safe, secure, built with the proper dimensions and suitable materials, and tailored to your specific needs.

Spire Ranges provides state-of-the-art turnkey solutions for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, both for commercial and private use. Gun ranges can be confined to certain kinds of firearms, such as handguns or rifles, and can also specialize in certain shooting sports.

Indoor shooting ranges consist of firing lanes, targets, and a backstop. You can construct your gun range in a standalone building or in a spacious place inside your house, such as the basement.

The cutting-edge equipment offered by Spire Ranges includes customized shooting stalls with multiple mounting heights for target controls. The optional shooting stall extensions minimize the effects of muzzle blast at the firing line.

Spire Ranges also offers safety containment solutions, including bullet traps, baffles, and wall treatments intended for different calibers and shooting range sizes.

The wireless range controls are adaptable to any facility and course of fire. The touch screen interfaces have a user-friendly design and a range of features and customizable options, including pre-loaded qualification courses and games.

Spire Ranges builds commercial and private shooting ranges across the United States. The company also offers on-site service for any type of shooting range. The company’s website features a gallery of completed projects which you can browse for inspiration. You can find more details at and

“The company’s customers are often the heroes who make the world, countries, and communities safer,” said a company representative. “To ensure they have the best training facilities, Spire Ranges purposefully designs and thoroughly tests every Spire product—for them.”

Spire Ranges is the shooting range solution provider that you can always rely on. Get the best equipment for your shooting range! Click on the links above to find out more!

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