Best Home Shooting Ranges With Custom Interactive Designs & Training Routines

May 10, 2023

Have you been dreaming of an accessible home gun range that you can use anytime you want? Spire Ranges can install a custom home shooting range that meets your specific needs and range specifications with a sleek touchscreen operating system.

If you're like me, your plans for getting to the gun range for practice often fall by the wayside with such a busy work/life/family schedule.

Whether you've been considering installing a home shooting range or your current home gun range is in need of an upgrade, Spire Ranges has the customizable designs and operating system you need!

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✔︎ Why Installation Matters ✔︎

Home gun ranges are an effective way for gun owners to get regular practice and improve their shooting accuracy and gun safety knowledge. Being able to get a few rounds in without having to leave the house can help keep your skills as sharp as possible.

While building a DIY range is an option, professional installation is important for proper ventilation to prevent respiratory damage, as well as having a fluid, accurate operating system that provides optimal safety and doesn't require endless upkeep and repair. Learn more at

✔︎ The Pros At Spire Ranges ✔︎

Spire Ranges offers interactive shooting ranges that can improve shooting technique and precision through specialized training routines, controlled with an accessible touchscreen. You can customize your touchscreen control center based on your specific needs, range specifications, and what feels most intuitive for you.

All of Spire Ranges' various gun range options use its unique, cutting-edge operating system, spireOS. The company can also retrofit an existing home shooting range and sync it with an interactive touchscreen control that uses its intuitive operating system.

The Spire Ranges Command Treadwell model shooting range can easily be adapted for indoor, outdoor, ground-mounted, or overhead configurations, making it suitable for any home shooting range layout.

All of the company's shooting ranges feature easy-to-use interfaces so that you can communicate quickly and easily with your range and engage in effective training routines.

✔︎ About Spire Ranges ✔︎

Located in Springville, UT, Spire Ranges specializes in high-quality shooting ranges for homes, military and police training facilities, and all commercial and residential needs. The company is dedicated to providing dependable shooting ranges that use cutting-edge technology to improve users' shooting skills, gun safety practices, and techniques. Spire Ranges offers sleek, customizable range designs that always prioritize safety. Details are available at

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