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Nov 15, 2023

On November 22, 2023 at Last Best Brewing, Calgary, Alberta Mike Duffy From DontGetHacked.Ca and will Present a masterclass on how To Grow Your Business 10X by Being a Purposeful Authentic Human with a PodCast

November 22, 2023 Randy Gallant, from Randy Gallant Real Estate Presents the November 2023 Mixer at Last Best Brewing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada featuring Canadian Author & Award Winning Video Producer Michael Duffy

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The Feature Presenter for the November Mixer is Mike Duffy, Founder of Canadian Cybersecurity startup business . The topic of his presentation will be: "Be Authentic to Grow Your Business 10X". Mike Duffy is a MSP(Managed Service Provider) with 24/7 Customer Support. They answer their phones 24/7! He provides affordable cyber security. He is Canada's #1 Computer Support Expert. Key Themes of this Feature Presentation will be

Defining Life's Purpose, What is Authenticity, Describing what Omnipresence looks like for a Brand, and Unveiling the Power of Podcasting with

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