How Spire Ranges Designs Shooting Ranges With Automated Practice Simulations

Aug 9, 2023

Spire Ranges welcomes you to the future of shooting ranges – interactive setups and pre-programmed courses that can improve your shooting technique, accuracy, and precision.

Take your training to the next level with all-new ranges from Spire Ranges. Get the hardware and software that powers next-gen military and government training facilities - at home.

Spire Ranges showcases home and commercial shooting range installation services, featuring an updated set of pre-programmed simulations.

SpireOS, a handheld touchscreen range control system, supports custom ranges with manual and programmed simulations through SpirePLAY™. Get everything you need to keep your training experience intense: gameplay information, instructions, game stages, recommended ammo, targets, and suggested scoring - all through a single interface.

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Aside from discussing the importance of specific requirements for shooting range installation, like a granular rubber trap, a safety ceiling, and a proper HVAC system, the team explains the health risks associated with improper installation ranging from lead exposure to hearing loss.

Spire Ranges brings a high level of design, development, installation, and service experience to your range customization project and has many years of experience with standard installation requirements. Key features you can expect in your range include purposefully designed bullet containment, tried and tested targets, custom shooting stalls, and intuitive controls.

For private residential properties, ranges are entirely personalized to your training needs. Spire Ranges creates technology-based, customizable, and future-ready interactive shooting ranges you need for tactical training.

From providing plans for designs, providing supplies in partnership with the onsite manager, or having the company’s contractors perform full installations, you determine the company’s level of involvement.

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With the latest announcement, Spire Ranges continues to be at the forefront of shooting range technology, leading the way in how future shooting ranges will look and function. SpirePlay and the SpireOS system bring a new sense of realism to your training routine, better preparing you for a real-world situation.

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