Best Professional Development Book For Teachers Rethinks The Art Of Questioning

Jan 27, 2023

Times 10 Publications has a fresh perspective on the art of questioning, and they are helping teachers everywhere to improve the learning experience of their students.

Best Professional Development Book For Teachers Rethinks The Art Of Questioning

If you want to ask questions in your classroom that inspire, challenge and promote meaningful learning, you need Times 10 Publications.

The publishers have a fresh perspective on how questions can be used inside and outside your classroom as a starting point for independent inquiry, research, and growth. This new approach to crafting meaningful questions with broad potential for learning, engagement and fun is encapsulated in their book ‘Hacking Questions: 11 Answers That Create a Culture of Inquiry in Your Classroom’. This book has been written by Connie Hamilton for Times 10 Publications.

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Known as the US’ leading ‘Questionologist’ and ‘Questioning Guru’, Connie Hamilton is proud to be changing the way that educators, school administrators, and classroom teachers like yourself think about questioning. Her work comes in response to a wealth of recent research that indicates that teachers are asking the wrong questions in class, in a way that detriments both yourself and your students.

As a recent think piece on Medium described, the way you were taught to question in your teacher training programs likely stifles individuality, creativity and open-ended exploration. The article also proposes that the questioning that takes place in your classroom is likely borne of a rigid assessment system that is focused on standardized testing and ranking students.

Instead, ‘Hacking Questions’ has been written to prompt a rethink of the way that the school system asks questions and to consider what benefits better question asking may promote within your classroom.

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As Connie Hamilton’s book proposes, good questioning can be the catalyst for helping your students to learn, keeping them motivated, and constructing a better curriculum. In order to help you get started on the meaningful work of renovating the question, ‘Hacking Questions’ contains practical advice, tutorials, and sample structured activities and exercises.

Times 10 Publications is the leading publisher of professional development texts in America. They have collaborated with the nation’s most esteemed educators and consultants in the production of their influential HACK Learning Series.

A spokesperson for Times 10 Publications said, “Questions are the driving force of learning in classrooms. ‘Hacking Questions’ digs into framing, delivering, and maximizing questions in the classroom to keep students engaged in learning. Connie Hamilton shows teachers of all subjects and grades how to ask the questions that deliver not just answers but reflection, metacognition, and real learning.”

While closed and rigid questioning can shut down growth and inquisitiveness, open questioning can be the spark that will help your students to flourish.

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