Eliminate Food Waste & Support Local Producers For A More Sustainable Future!

Nov 15, 2023

If you’re ready to take action against climate change, Ever Wonder Adventure (757-231-3068) offers step-by-step guidance to reducing food and water waste, designed to help you consume less while supporting global sustainability efforts.

The threat of climate change is constant    •and if you're anything like me, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

But there's hope for a brighter future! With tips and techniques from Ever Wonder Adventure, you can make personal changes in your life that also benefit the living world and global ecosystems.

The organization's guide explains the current food waste crisis and offers practical methods to reduce your excess consumption, including tips for selecting, purchasing, and storing comestible items.

Check it out at https://www.everwonderadventure.com/stop-food-waste

As the threat of climate change looms, the team at Ever Wonder Adventure helps you take action in changing your daily consumption patterns of food and water, as part of working towards a more sustainable future.

Statistics show that over 30% of all food produced for human consumption - worth around USD$1 trillion - goes to waste each year, constituting around 1.3 billion tons of discarded comestibles, explains the organization. With step-by-step instructions for how to reduce your personal habits of consumption, the team at Ever Wonder Adventure helps you move in a healthier direction for yourself -and you'll also be helping the planet. “The global mounting heap of food waste is not merely a matter of eco-consciousness,” explains a spokesperson. “It is an imminent peril that threatens our environment, intensifies climate change, and forces millions into the abyss of hunger.”

To help you and your loved ones become “Food Heroes,” the guide describes the link between food waste and greenhouse gases, then sets out 15 practical steps that you can implement right away as part of a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The recommendations include only buying food that is needed, choosing “ugly” fruits and vegetables, and learning to understand food labelling.

You'll also learn more sustainable food storage practices, how to ensure that leftovers get used in a timely manner, and tips for using food waste as compost in your garden or yard. Find more details at https://unfccc.int/news/fighting-food-waste-means-fighting-climate-change

The Ever Wonder Adventure team of sustainability experts also explores the importance of supporting local food producers and farmers, noting that when you buy local, seasonal fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish, the overall carbon footprint of food items can be reduced drastically.

Finally, the guide contains tips for how you can completely overhaul your dietary choices, such as substituting meats and fish for more pulses and vegetables and growing your own food where possible. You'll find practical techniques for using less water and choosing eco-friendly products, such as gentle detergents, that help keep soil and water sources clean.

Start reducing your food waste and being part of the climate change solution now with guidance from Ever Wonder Adventure!

Learn more at https://www.everwonderadventure.com/support-us#!/Stop-Food-Waste-Save-Mother-Earth/c/157524501

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