Bergamot Sweet & Fruity Diffuser Blends: Try These Relaxing Aromatherapy Recipes

Apr 26, 2024

Have you been searching for a new diffuser blend to try out? Well, why not try one of the 10 bergamot diffuser blend recipes in Loving Essential Oils’ guide?

Bergamot is an extremely versatile oil that bonds well with other fragrances. As such, it makes a great base for diffuser blend recipes. In a guide, Loving Essential Oils shares 10 recipes that utilize bergamot’s sweet and fruity aroma to relax users and uplift their senses. The recipes were all carefully crafted by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane, who is also the founder and lead contributor for Loving Essential Oils.

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What Is Bergamot?

Derived from the rind of the bergamot orange, bergamot has become a popular essential oil due to its versatility and effectiveness. On its own, bergamot provides many benefits, both physical and emotional, but when blended with other essential oils, such as tea tree and lavender, its benefits are amplified significantly.

“Bergamot is a well-liked oil known for its balancing effect on the mind and body,” explained Lane. “It can be used both aromatically and topically, and it has been shown to promote relaxation and mood elevation while also being helpful for skin conditions like acne.”

What Kind Of Recipes Can It Be Used In?

The 10 diffuser blends Loving Essential Oils shares in its guide are created to serve many different purposes. For example, Citrus Spice, which is a blend of bergamot, cinnamon bark, clove, and orange, is good for brightening and enlivening the mood of a room. Conversely, Gorgeously Calm, which combines bergamot with cedarwood and patchouli, is meant to soothe and make rooms more tranquil.

Another notable blend included in the guide is Girl Power, a unique combination of bergamot, clary sage, pink pepper, and ginger, formulated to energize and motivate you to take care of yourself while also offering emotional support. Many people struggling to balance their responsibilities and demands have also found Girl Power to be incredibly helpful.

How Do I Make A Bergamot Diffuser Blend?

The recipes in the guide provide you with the exact number of drops you need to use for each essential oil. With that being said, anywhere from 1 to 4 drops of bergamot is usually enough for you to receive its many benefits. Furthermore, when you're using your finished blend, Loving Essential Oils recommends diffusing just a few drops anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour at a time.

What Are The Benefits Of Bergamot?

In addition to being relaxing and uplifting, bergamot has been shown to help balance moods, ease stress, improve sleep, promote harmony, and restore vitality. It can also be used to support respiratory health, clearing congestion and allowing users to breathe easier.

“If you want to enhance your well-being, incorporate the fresh citrus scent of bergamot into your next essential oil diffuser blend,” recommends Lane. “Using it can lead you to self-acceptance and a much more hopeful and optimistic worldview.”

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