US Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Logistics: Print Water-Resistant Barcodes

Apr 26, 2024

Get a labeling solution that can take the hardest wear and tear with ID Images’ robust thermal transfer ribbons for on-demand printing!

Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Logistics

Are you looking for labels that are tough enough to take rain, wind, and heavy use? Then ID Images' resin thermal transfer ribbons are just what you need! These ribbons are essentially Clint Eastwood reincarnated as a labeling solution and perfect for logistics with long transports. With these labels, you can make sure operations run smoothly without smudges, scratches or peeling.

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ID Images has various options suitable for different types of use, and the thermal transfer ribbons can be combined with the company's labels for high-quality on-demand printing.

Get Custom Labeling to Meet Your Industry Standards

Understanding the various challenges logistics industries face, ID Images offers custom solutions of different grades of durability depending on your needs to ensure traceability and labeling compliance even for outdoor use.

"Choosing the ideal thermal transfer ribbon is easy with ID Images," a spokesperson for the company said. "By considering your application's demands and consulting with our label and ribbon experts, you can easily select the best ribbon type for your industry and specific needs."

Different Types of Thermal Transfer Ribbons

As pointed out by ID Images, wax ribbons are the most commonly used application for barcode printing, accounting for 75% of all thermal transfer solutions. While this is a sufficient alternative for indoor use like warehouse and has the benefit of printing at high speeds, wax-resin ribbons are recommended for regulated products like bin labels, horticulture tags, and medical cannabis ID tags. The most scratch and smudge-resistant solution that can also be used for outdoor storage are resin ribbons that require 250°F for printing.

Expert Help for Perfect Ribbon Choice

To get started with ID Images' thermal transfer ribbon printing, you should identify the environment and requirements of your project and choose a ribbon type based on this. If you want help determining the type of ribbon you need, you can contact a team member who can also suggest the right kind of label. ID Images offers various sizes and kits, and the experts can help you calculate the right ribbon length.

More Labeling Solutions from ID Images

In addition to thermal transfer ribbons, ID Images has a range of labeling and printing products. The industrial-grade options extend to RFID labels, laser sheet labels, integrated labels, and specialty labels for industries that need a chemical-resistant and waterproof solution that can withstand high temperatures.

About ID Images

Ohio-based ID Images has delivered labels to North American industries like automotive, retail, and manufacturing since 1995. The company currently has 16 facilities, from San Diego in the southwest to Quebec in the northeast, ensuring customers get their orders delivered in a timely manner.

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