Best Pass-Through Window Connects Dining Room & Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Aug 11, 2023

OpenUp Windows has a pass-through window that is perfect for the dining room! Connect your indoor and outdoor spaces and enjoy the best in quality construction and innovative design with OpenUp!

Your dining room will really become the heart of your home and a place of connection when you get a new residential service window from OpenUp Windows!

With its fullbound sill and countertop mount design, OpenUp Windows’ service window has long been a popular choice in kitchen renovations. However, they believe their unique gas strut pass-through design can open up your dining room just as effectively, and they recommend this model to you if you are looking to make your dining room a more central part of your home and more connected with your outdoor entertaining spaces.

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While dining rooms in America sat untouched for many years, almost like relics of the past, one benefit of the pandemic was that it encouraged families to begin using these spaces again, and in the last few years dining room renovations have become increasingly popular with American families. OpenUp Windows is fully on board with this trend and they believe that their residential service windows can entice your family back to your dining room.

Their popular pass-through window features an innovative awning-style design that holds itself open at a 90-degree angle. Because of its fullbound sill, you can have it installed as a replacement for any existing window, with or without a countertop below.

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With their dining room-friendly model, OpenUp Windows has also made other improvements you’ll love. Chief among them is their double insulation technique, which they call their 2Fold® Technology. As standard, all of their windows are now made from a combination of Accoya® wood and extruded aluminum, which they believe brings you the best in insulation, durability and aesthetics.

As OpenUp Windows is exclusively in the business of residential service windows and makes their products to order, they can also completely customize each window. This means you will have complete control over the size of your window and can select your preferred color, finish, and glass style. There is also an option for a built-in insect screen.

OpenUp Windows has been making service windows for almost four decades and they are proud to improve the way families just like yours enjoy their homes.

A spokesperson for the specialty residential service window makers said, “We strive to provide our customers with a modern showpiece that expands their view, encourages connection, and integrates their indoor and outdoor spaces. With OpenUp, we are confident you will get the high-performance window of your dreams.”

You will love having everyone gathered around the dining table when you open up your room with one of OpenUp’s popular service windows.

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