Best Gas Strut Pass-Through Window California Is Sustainable & Long-Lasting

Jul 27, 2023

OpenUp Windows is on a mission to open up homes in California with its residential pass-through window. Sustainable, durable, stylish, and lifestyle-enhancing, you’ll wish you had one installed years ago!

If you live in the Golden State, OpenUp Windows knows you have lots of reasons to be outdoors, enjoying the long sunny days and West Coast sunsets. If you want to enjoy the best the outdoors has to offer, from the comfort of your home, you should install one of their flip-out gas strut windows.

OpenUp Windows has been crafting custom residential windows for their East Coast clientele for almost four decades and now they are pleased to be opening on the West Coast, in California, a state known for its sunshine and outdoor culture. To mark their arrival in California, the window designers are also bringing you a new model of their popular residential pass-through window, which you can have mounted in either your kitchen or dining room.

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As Americans increasingly turn to entertaining at home, OpenUp Windows believes you need a better way to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces and to create a genuine flow and sense of openness between your home’s kitchen and dining room and its outdoor BBQ or pool area.

They believe their flip-out gas strut window can offer you just that. And, now, with their full bound sill and 3-sided frame, you can have their pass-through window installed just as easily in your dining room as you can have it installed as a countertop mount in your kitchen.

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OpenUp Windows also knows that California prides itself on being the US’ greenest and most sustainable state, which is why this model also features a recycled Accoya® wood frame. You’ll love that this innovative building material is both sustainably produced and naturally insulating. OpenUp partners Accoya® wood with tough, long-lasting aluminum and UV-protecting tempered glass to give you a truly durable and environmentally friendly window.

Whether you live with a sunny seaside outlook, in California’s famous forested regions, or just in the suburbs of one of its big cities, OpenUp Windows recommends one of their flip-out gas strut windows to give you more useful indoor space and outdoor entertaining space.

OpenUp Windows crafts all of their windows to order and you will have a range of customization options available to you.

A spokesperson for the window designers said, “OpenUp Windows’ gas strut pass-through residential windows integrate the indoors and outdoors—for any home. OpenUp Windows creates an opportunity for not only spectacular views but more connection and socialization for your active family.”

Make your West Coast, Best Coast home even better with OpenUp Windows.

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