Best Criminal Lawyer In Toronto Will Help You With Your Investment Fraud Case

Aug 30, 2022

Charged with fraud in Toronto and fearing a lengthy prison sentence? Get the best possible outcome for your case with strong defence from William Jaksa of William Jaksa Criminal Litigation (416-900-0998)!

Best Criminal Lawyer In Toronto Will Help You With Your Investment Fraud Case

If you are dealing with fraud charges in Toronto, you need to hire an experienced and trusted defence lawyer - one who makes every effort to protect for your rights, ensure a fair trial and achieve the best results.

William Jaksa is your lawyer. He is a trusted, dedicated, and experienced criminal defence lawyer who has successfully defended hundreds of clients with their various cases.

William Jaksa offers legal assistance to individuals accused of fraudulently withdrawing money from bank accounts or stealing personal financial information. The experienced law firm protects the interests of individuals accused of fraud related activities. Often individuals are used in what appears to regular business activities to commit frauds without their knowledge.

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William Jaksa provides legal representation if you are charged with committing simple identity fraud, theft of credit card information, falsified insurance claims, or loan fraud. The lawyer will also take your case even if you were accused of involving in a large-scale frauds such as an advance fee loan scheme, cross-border fraud, or a multinational stock investment scheme.

When handling such cases, which can be classified as either Fraud Under $5,000 or Fraud Over $5,000, William Jaksa uses his expertise to make sure that the procedures for collecting evidence by the police have been strictly followed and your rights have not been breached. He also examines the search warrants, production orders, business records, and expert analysis gathered for the crime to potentially prove that the act was not intentional or committed by other parties.

As William Jaksa notes, "There are instances where innocent people, through personal circumstances or professional associations, have been charged with fraud." To avoid such scenarios, he encourages you to remain open and honest to allow him and his team to formulate the right defence strategy in court and secure a favorable outcome for your case. He also collaborates with experts or private investigators to carefully assess the details surrounding your case and eventually find elements that the police and prosecutor may miss.

Regardless of how serious your criminal offence is or the potential perils, William Jaksa strives to ensure that you understand the criminal trial process, participate actively in the strategic planning of your defence and have a fair trial. Find more about him at

William Jaksa has been successfully practicing criminal law in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario for more than 15 years. He has represented both corporate and private individuals at the Ontario Securities Commission, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario, and other specialized regulatory bodies.

William Jaksa believes that every case matters, every client matters and every result matters - talk to a lawyer about your case today!

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