Authority Branding For Consultants: How To Use Podcasts To Build Recognition

Oct 10, 2023

If you’re a coach gearing up to produce your first podcast, serial entrepreneur and coaching expert Michael Driggers Jr. offers an online course designed to help you develop your authority and brand recognition.

Are you ready to tap into the power of podcasts as a way to reach prospective clients and create credibility for your coaching business?

If the answer is a big, fat YES - the Authority Positioning Mastermind course from Michael Driggers Jr. is perfect for you!

The course can help you gain more visibility and establish a solid basis of trust and authority with your target audience using podcasts, podcast tours, and other techniques.

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The program also offers monetization guidance and gives you all the tools you need to create a scalable coaching business within just 90 days or less!

Recent statistics from the International Coaching Federation show the coaching profession is growing at a robust rate globally and the number of practitioners has increased by nearly 55% over the past five years. As increasing numbers of people turn to coaches for advice and guidance, the course from Michael Driggers Jr. can help you meet your need for authority positioning and branding. “With the Authority Positioning Mastermind course, you’ll discover the latest and greatest cutting-edge strategies and systems to position you as an instant authority,” says Mike. “This strategic program lays the foundation for you to be seen as a go-to authority in your niche.”

Along with tools and techniques to harness the power of podcasts and podcast tours as part of an overall business strategy, the course also teaches you how to create high-value information products and high-ticket coaching programs.

You'll find out how to transform your approach to social media in order to boost brand credibility while also generating higher numbers of client leads from your niche demographic.

Suitable for thought leaders, influencers, business owners, coaches, and consultants in all industries, the course features modules on content creation, marketing methods, and a step-by-step guide to monetization for your coaching business.

Past participants in the Authority Positioning Mastermind course have glowing reviews. “If you’re ready to positively transform your life, then read and absorb the strategies from Michael Driggers Jr.,” says one satisfied coach. “I felt like Mike really cared about helping me grow my business and his courses have helped me go from zero to 200 email subscribers in just a few weeks.”

Start boosting your coaching business brand with the expert authority positioning advice from Michael Driggers Jr.!

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