20 Really Crazy Christmas Gifts That Can (Hardly) Impress Your Friends


Christmas is coming. Do you want to send something really cool or ridiculously awkward to your friends and colleagues? Check out these 20 presents that people have actually exchanged during the holidays.

1. Anti-snoring chin strap

2. Soft furry scale

3. From-me-to-me card

4. Spam lip glaze

5. Steve Buscemi Dress

6. Scary shoes

7. Lincoln cologne

8. Painting of a spooky child

9. Phone cover with Jesus showing his football skills

10. Evil dictator’s soap

11. Sexy underwear

12. Modern Hands-free

13. Furry home decoration

14. Vintage painting with kittens

15. Old lady mask

16. Figure of a stretching grandpa

17. Mask of an old troll

18. T-shirt with cute doggies

19. Best-seller Marriage without B.S

20. Tie with flowers

Bonus: If you run out of ideas, just give money as a present.


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