17 Cool & Fun Activities To Do For A Killer Summer Vacation


What can you do to have a summer you’ll never forget?

Here’s how we keep ourselves entertained all summer. Have a look at our favorite summer activities, beat the boredom and enjoy your time.

1. Play Frisbee

2. Walk barefoot. It’s healthy.

 3. Send a letter in a bottle

4. Make a picnic

5. Have a nap under the shadow of a tree

6. Do some surfing

7. Play in the pool

8. Go swimming

9. Watch the sunset

10. Wake up early and watch the sunrise

11. Try to stay cool

12. Do some sightseeing in your own town

13. Find a new hobby

14. Try some stargazing

15. Make an album out of your favorite photos

16. Go fishing

17. Get your grill on