Women’s Health & Wellness Podcast Helps You Relieve Stress & Live With Joy

Jul 26, 2023

Finding Your Spark Again is a popular new podcast by Donnalynn Riley. It’s for women everywhere who are looking to fall back in love with their life.

Next time you’re driving your kids to school, cooking dinner or just taking some much-needed time out for yourself, you should tune into Finding Your Spark Again by Donnalynn Riley.

The latest episode of Finding Your Spark Again is called The Link Between Emotional Health and Joy and it features Donnalynn Riley in conversation with Dr. Brenna Squires, an esteemed wellness psychologist. The focus of the episode is on emotional wellness and wellbeing, which both Donnalynn Riley and Dr. Brenna Squires see as the cornerstone of happiness, especially in our complex, busy and success-oriented modern world.

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With Donnalynn Riley’s latest episode, she continues her efforts to change the happiness landscape in America. As the latest figures from the Pew Research Center and the Gallup poll reflected—two of America’s largest and longest-running survey institutes—only 33% of Americans today say they are happy.

In particular, Donnalynn Riley has also seen that it is often women lagging behind men in happiness, and she knows very well that if you’re a woman aged 35-55 you are probably a working mom who is bearing the brunt of life’s challenges for your family. That’s why with Finding Your Spark Again, she is focused on reaching out to women like you. If you are feeling burnout, are dealing with a significant amount of worry and stress, and are feeling frustrated with your life, this is the podcast for you.

In The Link Between Emotional Health and Joy, Donnalynn Riley and Dr. Brenna Squires deliver moving and uplifting ideas and actionable tools that you can use to grow emotionally and to find and cultivate joy in your life. Rather than subscribing to the societal push for achieving and doing, the episode rather helps you to improve the ease of life and to find more fun in your life.

Other recent episodes you can enjoy include Overcome, Adapt and Thrive with Sarah Haas, a popular body love coach, and What’s Food Got To Do With Happiness with nutritionist and women’s wellness and empowerment coach Tanisha Naughton.

Donnalynn Riley believes that Finding Your Spark Again can do just that, help you to bring back the zest into your life.

Donnalynn Riley said of The Link Between Emotional Health and Joy, “This episode sheds light on the importance of self-care, self-compassion, and self-reflection as essential pillars for building emotional resilience and fostering a joy-filled existence.”

You can listen to Finding Your Spark Again on Donnalynn Riley’s website and everywhere else you stream podcasts.

Visit http://findingyoursparkagain.com/ if you’re ready to start choosing joy.

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