New Orleans Pay-Per-Call Marketing: Affordable Lead Generation Solution

Apr 30, 2024

With One Click SEO, you can stand out from the competition by taking your lead generation and prospecting to the next level – with automated call handling through the Local Call Generator!

Are you struggling to reach local customers? Do you want an easier solution, where you can outsource call management but make your ads work for you on autopilot? This fully branded prospecting solution from One Click SEO is ideal!

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Only pay for real, quality leads

The service is a twist on Local Service Ads offered by Google, where you only pay for quality leads. With standard LSA ads, the team explains that most have a strong initial wave, but they often dry up over time - highlighting the need for a different approach. The agency maintains communication with Google, reinforcing the idea that the ads are engaging and that you're following up quickly.

According to a recent report by On The Map Marketing, 98% of consumers used the internet to find local businesses, underscoring the importance of effective local marketing strategies. The Local Call Generator from One Click SEO addresses this need, so you can reach your target audience more efficiently.

Make sure no leads get lost

By ensuring that every phone call is answered quickly and that the lead is promptly updated in Google's system, the Local Call Generator helps you maintain a positive feedback loop, ultimately leading to improved reviews and enhanced visibility.

The live answering service ensures that no potential leads are missed. Professional agents then qualify the lead and forward it to your designated phone number, providing a seamless and efficient lead-generation process.

Increase conversion with Google Guaranteed

One of the key benefits is its pay-for-results model. You only pay for relevant, local phone leads that have been thoroughly screened, eliminating the need to invest in non-legitimate or unqualified leads, while the service's integration with Google's Local Services Ads program allows you to display a 'Google Guaranteed' green check, instilling confidence in customers.

A spokesperson states: "Local Call Generator walks you through the Google Guaranteed process, which includes a background check. We then optimize your profile as well as your ad spend. We monitor your account weekly to ensure your ads stay running, in the first place, and show the absolute best leads Google can give you."

If you're looking for a marketing strategy that can connect you with more local buyers right away, you don't want to miss this!

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