New AI Review Responses & Reputation Management Tool by One Click SEO

Apr 1, 2024

Do you want more Google and Facebook reviews from customers? With this AI solution from One Click SEO, you can not only get more reviews, but automate your responses too!

With platforms like Google and Facebook making it so easy to write reviews, customers are increasingly relying on feedback to help them choose the right business. Whether you're a Realtor, contractor or an attorney, reviews are your lifeblood – but how do you go about getting more of them? The answer is Please Review Us - a powerful AI solution from One Click SEO!

Automate your Google and Facebook reviews at

Reviews are your superpower

One Click SEO explains that customer reviews are crucial for growing a strong online brand - according to Trustmary, 93% of customers read reviews before purchasing from a company, while a recent study by Exploding Topics found that online reviews informed the purchasing decisions of 9 out of 10 consumers.

However, the agency recognizes that the process of requesting reviews can be time-consuming, especially if you're a small business without the resources of larger companies. Please Review Us can help with this through its hands-off approach.

Proactively respond to customers

The at Please Review Us also emphasizes that it's not just the quantity of reviews that matters: how you respond to feedback, particularly negative reviews, can significantly impact your reputation and customer loyalty.

Please Review Us streamlines the process of generating and responding to customer reviews, staggering automated messaging to encourage customer feedback while simultaneously creating tailored responses, allowing you to manage your online reputation while maintaining a professional brand voice. Please Review Us leverages AI, automation, Email and A2P 10DLC Messaging Compliant for the highest delivery rates.

Once a customer submits a review, the AI technology waits for some time before replying - a deliberate delay that ensures you can respond promptly while maintaining a measured approach.

A package for every budget

The service offers three distinct packages: the entry-level option for businesses such as Realtors and contractors, providing up to 10 reviews per month, while the mid-tier package, suitable for dentists and attorney, allows for up to 35 reviews per month. For businesses requiring an even more comprehensive solution, the premium package accommodates 150 reviews per month. All packages come with a customizable review widget for your website.

A spokesperson states: “By now, everyone knows that positive Google and Facebook reviews are great for business. Unfortunately, most professionals are too busy to send multiple requests to their past customers and follow up each review with a response. Now you can automate the process with Please Review Us!”

If you want to take your business to the next level, get involved in the AI revolution!

Check out for more information on automating your reputation management.

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