US High-Quality Laser Sheet Label Printing Solution for Healthcare Industry

Apr 30, 2024

Make sure your label printing solution complies with regulations for prescription drugs and patient security with ID Images laser sheet labels!

Clarity and Durability With ID Images' Laser Label Sheets

Are you tired of smudged prints on labels that seem to fall off if there's a tiny splash of water? Then, ID Images' high-quality laser label sheets are just what your healthcare business needs! With this durable printing solution, you never have to worry about fading or smudging again, ensuring that both staff and patients can read clearly.

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Secure Track & Trace With High-Quality Labeling

As of November 2023, there are stricter regulations regarding pharmaceutical tracking under Title II of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, requiring healthcare industries to have an interoperable system for tracking in place on prescription drugs. ID Images' laser label sheets offer a solution that lives up to these standards and for other healthcare projects.

"With ID Images, transitioning to high-quality laser labels is straightforward. Our experts are here to assist in selecting and customizing the ideal laser media for your project, ensuring optimal results with every print," a spokesperson for the company said.

Easy Application With Tough Adhesive

Understanding the importance of clear prints in medical and healthcare industries for efficiency and patient safety, ID Images has engineered its laser label solution to deliver easy-to-read results that can withstand humidity and tear. The labels are easy to peel and stick with permanent adhesive.

Stock or Customized Options

ID Images has stock labels with 8 ½ x 11 and 8 ½ x 14 sizes available but also offers customizable options for various uses, including patient identification, mailing, and more. The labels are designed to be compatible with standardized laser printers, making them an accessible option.

In addition to healthcare solutions, the company can help other industries, including food and drinks, logistics, retail, and more. If you're looking for decorative labeling suggestions for your product, you can contact a team member to discuss alternatives like foil stamping and UV labels.

About ID Images

The Ohio-based company was founded in 1995 but delivers products across the whole country as well as to Canada, with 16 manufacturing facilities. The paper used is sourced from ecologically managed forests, and ID Images uses recycled paper whenever possible.

"From conception to completion, we offer exceptional technical support and solution services, embedding sustainability at every step," the company spokesperson said. "Our comprehensive lineup of eco-friendly labels underscores our dedication to driving a more sustainable future."

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