Mineral Makeup Setting Spray With SPF 50 Sunscreen Protects & Hydrates Your Skin

Apr 30, 2024

Keep your skin protected from damaging UV rays in style with Max and Louie’s mineral makeup setting spray with SPF 50! Just a few sprays, no white cast, and you’re ready to face the sun!

Professional Cruelty-Free Makeup 

Do you want to keep your beautiful skin protected from the sun but don't want to ruin your makeup with a white shield of sunscreen? Good news, Max and Louie has the perfect mineral makeup setting spray with SPF 50, completely chemical-free, that just leaves you looking hydrated! 

>>Get this mineral magic makeup setting spray at: https://www.maxandlouie.co.nz/product-page/hydra-shield-spf-50-setting-spray

Max and Louie is a beauty company that specializes in vegan makeup. In their full selection, you can find top-notch cruelty-free products like foundation, brow kits, eye shadows and much, much more!

The Importance of SPF for Youthful Skin

While New Zealand's summer months have come to an end, it's still important to protect the skin from UV rays to reduce the risk of premature aging of the skin. With Max and Louie's setting spray, it's easy to apply a protective layer of chemical-free sunscreen throughout the day.

In addition to protecting from sunburn and skin cancer, sunscreen can also help maintain a youthful look. According to a New York Times article, 80% of the changes in skin associated with aging are caused by sun damage, and contrary to what many may believe, the rays can have the same effect even through glass. The UVA rays penetrate the skin deep enough to start breaking down collagen and elastin, which causes loss of elasticity.

Natural Ingredients for Eco-Conscious Makeup Lovers

Max and Louie's mineral setting spray has zinc oxide that provides a high level of natural sun protection and works for all skin types. With ingredients like aloe vera and macadamia seed oil, the setting spray is reef-friendly, making it a perfect product if you're an eco-conscious makeup enthusiast.

"This setting spray is wonderful. As well as using it on my face, I also use it on my hands and arms- a very quick way of protecting myself from the sun's rays," a satisfied customer said.

More Vegan Makeup Products from Max and Louie

If you want a product that will keep your skin protected the entire day, the SPF 30 serum foundation last for eight hours and is available in seven tones. The whole selection of cruelty-free makeup extends to sleeping masks, serums, base bundles, and lip and eye makeup in vibrant colors. >>Stay updated on new products on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maxandlouiebeauty

"The range is designed to encourage everyone to be confident, creative and to embrace their natural beauty and style," founder Nat Bos said. "Simplicity and quality are the heart and soul of Max and Louie."

>>Get makeup inspo on their Insta at: https://www.instagram.com/maxandlouie_beauty/?hl=en

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