Win Your Workers’ Compensation Claim With Hattiesburg Personal Injury Lawyer

Oct 14, 2022

Are you or a loved one suffering from a work-related injury or illness? Get in touch with David L. Sullivan, PLLC (1-601-649-4075) for legal support to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

Win Your Workers' Compensation Claim With Hattiesburg Personal Injury Lawyer

Did you know that any work-related injury, whether minor or serious, is covered by Mississippi workers’ compensation law? The legal experts at David L. Sullivan, PLLC will guide you through the process so you are not denied your rightful benefits.

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According to David L. Sullivan, work-related accidents and injuries can happen to anyone, but it can be difficult for most employees to get the compensation they deserve when such cases arise.

This does not have to be you.

Now, you can get advice and guidance to navigate the workers’ compensation process and get your rightful compensation.

Workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state. In Mississippi, employers with a minimum of five employees are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, which covers employment-related injuries and illnesses.

David L. Sullivan helps you seek rightful compensation for damages, including medical bills, loss of work, lost wages, and more.

Following a consultation, you are given advice on the right steps to take after a work-related injury, including an appropriate timeline for notice of injuries and the procedure to apply for workers' compensation benefits including medical treatment.

The law firm highlights several reasons that can result in the denial of your compensation claim, including late notice of injury and non-work-related injury. In the case of denial or dispute, David L. Sullivan can help you prepare and file a suite to controvert with the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission.

In addition to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, David L. Sullivan’s legal service is also available to employees in Ellisville, Laurel, Collins, Magee, Taylorville, and Richton.

About David L. Sullivan, PLLC

Based in Laurel, the law firm is led by David L. Sullivan who has over 25 years of experience handling various cases involving personal injury and workers’ compensation. He is a member of The Mississippi Bar Association and the Mississippi Association for Justice and has been authorized to practice law before the state and federal courts.

A spokesperson for the firm said: "Appealing your case at a hearing requires the filing of formal paperwork that can vary from state to state, so having a legal expert at your side can help to simplify and streamline the process."

If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, call David L. Sullivan, PLLC at 1-601-649-4075 to speak with an experienced attorney that's familiar with Mississippi workers' compensation laws.

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