Win Your Neck Injury Claim Now With Personal Injury Attorneys in Atlanta, GA!

Apr 15, 2021

Personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, Cambre & Associates, announce the release of their new report on neck injury settlement. The report details everything one needs to know about filing for a neck injury claim.

Is your neck injury preventing you from living a happy and productive life? If your life has been dramatically changed by a catastrophic personal injury, you can find help you need from this law firm! 

Cambre & Associates, a multi-awarded personal injury law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, releases a new report on neck injury claims and when clients can file for a settlement. The new report details the various types of neck pain, symptoms, and manifestations that can qualify for a legal case against an individual or company. 

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The newly released report guides you in what you need to assess before speaking to a personal injury lawyer. The most important aspect in any legal case is the presence of reliable evidence and data, usually police reports or medical certificates.

When filing for a personal injury case, you need to have this evidence to support your claims. Neck injury cases should be augmented by medical data that state that you have lost mobility in your neck, suffer severe pain, or are unable to live a normal life due to the neck injury which was directly caused by the negligence of a specific person or company. 

Neck injury lawsuits are different from other personal injury claims in that you need to wait at least six weeks before determining if their pain is no longer part of the natural healing process. This is why personal injury lawyers recommend that you first consult with your doctor before visiting a law firm.

Cambre & Associates emphasize that compensation for a neck injury settlement varies depending on the extent of your injuries as well as the depth of liability of the other party. 

They write, “Neck injuries can cause substantial limitations in many areas of a victim’s life. Not only can severe neck injuries result in a permanent loss of mobility, but they may also leave victims struggling with pain that can prevent them from engaging in the activities they normally enjoy.”

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