Whole Wheat Flour & Pasta | Morningside, AB Online Healthy Local Food Store

Aug 20, 2022

Where does your food come from? If you want to be absolutely sure that you’re consuming only the best locally-sourced stuff, then you should only shop at Storehouse Foods. Call them at 888-378-0990 to learn more about their process.

Whole Wheat Flour & Pasta | Morningside, AB Online Healthy Local Food Store

There aren't a lot of things that can have a more significant influence on your life than nutrition. People are becoming more aware of this every day and have become increasingly conscious of their food choices.

While many food producers were ignorant of this fact for years, two farmer brothers took notice and established a company to deliver healthy products handpicked from quality sources.

In their bid to turn Storehouse Foods into Canada’s number one destination for locally sourced food products, Jon and Brandon Motz have now added new pasta and flour options to their company's product lineup. The store's vast inventory already includes products like legumes, lentils, grains, rice, coffee, tea, and savory ingredients.

Find more details here https://storehousefoods.ca

Storehouse Foods emphasizes food/ingredient quality, sourcing origins, and price in its product selection process. This approach has helped the company to limit its inventory to only a handful of food growers and processors while maintaining a healthy balance between quality and pricing.

The company’s new pasta offerings include elbow and penne pasta made from either sorghum or nutrient-rich quinoa. The pasta is made with gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients, and is available in organic options for customers who prefer them.

If you're the quinoa pasta type, you get a rich mix of lysine, fatty acids, and fiber. If you swing the sorghum way instead, the company's exciting pasta options provide you with all the antioxidant, magnesium, and protein benefits you will ever need! Both pasta options come in one-kilogram packs and contain healthy quantities of potassium, calcium, and iron.

Storehouse Foods’ flour lineup includes whole grain spelt, rye, and whole wheat options sourced from quality farms across Canada. These products are ideal for baking and will serve as a good source of fiber, protein, and vitamins.

The Motz brothers founded Storehouse Foods in St. Lacombe, AB after establishing themselves in the business of food and grain farming, processing, and trading. Joel currently leads the company’s operations, bringing two decades of sales and leadership experience to the Storehouse Foods management team.

Storehouse Foods is your ideal choice for quality food products you can trust! Not made up your mind yet? Visit their online store or call 888-378-0990!

Go to https://storehousefoods.ca to find out more!

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