Watch The Hilarious Black Box Video Showing Valentina Mami’s Festival Plane Ride

Sep 20, 2021

You won’t believe the ordeal Valentina Mami had to endure to reach Holy Shift Festival. Check out the wild video on her Insta now!

We’ve all experienced the pain of having our flight delayed… but what about hiring a TikTok star to get you to your destination personally? That’s what happened before the headline act at Holy Shift Festival!

Valentina Mami wanted to travel to Sebring Airport in order to arrive at the festival in time for her act. Cesar Ruiz accepted the plea, and now there’s a must-see video capturing everything from the cockpit.

What are you waiting for? Check it out here:

The video is available on Valentina Mami’s Instagram page (@ValentinaColombia), where you can see the nerve-wracking experience it transpired to be.

At the time, Cesar was taking pictures with his uncle’s plane. Unbeknownst to the Colombian-born singer, Cesar was not the pilot — and had never flown without direct supervision.

Following takeoff, nerves set in, and Cesar worried that he had made the biggest mistake of his life. However, he persevered with renewed determination, believing that in order to impress a woman, you have to take risks.

Valentina was able to make it to the festival on time, where she showcased her unique flair for rapping, singing, and songwriting. The audience enjoyed a versatile performance, with a varied set ranging from Spanish songs to traditional English club anthems.

Holy Shift Festival was held over the last weekend in August, and featured over 20 hours of motorsport and music. Special events included car drifting competitions on two tracks, ride-alongs, and a showcase for cars, trucks, and bikes.

Valentina was one of the headline acts, and her performance underscored the allure of the weekend, with its exciting combination of events and activities.

A spokesperson for the singer states: “Valentina is versatile, constrained to no single genre of music or language, giving her global collaborative opportunities. Her unique combination of abilities gives her a huge advantage over any competition that may emerge.”

After watching the hilarious video, you can sign up for Valentina’s page on CONQR, the innovative new platform for artists around the world. You can access her latest single, “Baby”, along with a range of other tracks, videos, albums, and blog posts.

Exclusive live streams are also held each month, giving you the opportunity to be part of the social experience surrounding Valentina’s life.

Want to find her on TikTok too? Go to and feast your eyes on the all-star content!

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