VCS Paint Cup System Review: Vented Or Sealed Liner? Use Both With This Product

Apr 14, 2023

Why settle for one or the other when you can have the best of both worlds? In The Autobody Source’s latest report, it explores the benefits of SEM’s Versatile Cup System (VCS).

VCS Paint Cup System Review: Vented Or Sealed Liner? Use Both With This Product

Repainting is a crucial part of auto body repair - and a time-consuming one, at that. But as The Autobody Source notes, the VCS system seeks to change all that.

Its product guide offers an unbiased and comprehensive look at the new product, highlighting its potential to increase revenue for your business. More specifically, the authors note that the hybrid paint cup system was designed to increase productivity and reduce waste when you paint clients’ cars.

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The report mentions that the launch of VCS coincides with SEM’s efforts to diversify its product range. Its new offering provides a unique solution that gives you the benefits of both vented hard-cup systems and sealed liner systems.

VCS’ most notable feature is its vented liners, which allow you to open or close the vent as needed. The vented spray delivers optimal fluid flow, while sealing the drip-resistant vent allows you to cover hard-to-reach areas from any angle, even upside-down.

According to the product guide, VCS eliminates the need to mix paint in one cup and transfer it to another for spraying. This reduces the amount of cleaning solvent needed, optimizing fluid flow for consistent color matching, and ultimately reducing the number of products you use.

“Historically, you’ve had to weigh the benefits of a vented hard cup system against a sealed liner system. VCS offers the best of both worlds, boosting your team’s efficiency, which enables your shop to service more vehicles on any given day,” the authors add.

The paint cups are available in 32 oz., 22 oz., and 13 oz. variants; each kit comes with a universal lid that fits any of the aforementioned configurations. Blank hard cups are likewise available to ensure that mixing is done on a paint scale, eliminating the need for a separate mixing cup.


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The more you know, the more you earn. So don’t miss the chance to learn about the innovative VCS from SEM. Read the report today!

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