Order This Limited Edition Multipurpose Anodized, Drop-Forged Spray Gun

Nov 7, 2023

The Autobody Source is letting its trusted readers know that for a limited time only, they can purchase this incredible multipurpose 905700 blackout gun spray gun that is easy to use and incredibly durable.

Customers complaining that their new paint job doesn't match their old one? Jobbers suffering from pain and an inability to work after using taxing paint guns? These are two common problems that plague body shops! The industry experts at The Autobody Source have a solution to these issues by highlighting this new limited-edition multi-purpose anodized, drop-forged spray gun.

See the full specs at https://autobodysource.com/limited-edition-905700-spraygun

Impressive Features For Efficient Painting

The limited edition spray gun has a light aluminum body and ergonomic handle design that make wielding it to produce professional-grade spray patterns without enduring fatigue easier. The specs also streamline atomization distribution in an environmental-legislation-compliant manner that leads to consistent savings on paint thanks to its high transfer efficiency.

With an HAV-501 gauge, the gun accommodates 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4-sized stainless steel fluids and nozzles. The multipurpose tool also has a

  • 7E7 air cap
  • 900mL aluminum cup-type
  • Anodized aluminum custom bead-blasted black body

According to The Autobody Source’s in-depth evaluation, the instrument produces cutting-edge solvent-borne and waterborne coatings when paired with its advanced air cap technologies. Blend-ins and fade-outs are also streamlined with this gun due to the heightened control offered by its sleek, sturdy air valve design.

Stand Out From the Pack

According to a business report published by Smartscrapers, there are 52,871 different auto body shops in America. By purchasing a limited-edition spray gun, you can set your business apart from the many competitors you are fighting for business against!

Multipurpose Across Almost All Viscosities

You can use the gun for a variety of applications, such as basecoats, clearcoats, and primers. Collision shops with more specialized needs can purchase additional air caps and fluid tips to expand the use of the blackout gun.

Being equipped with an ultra-high flow fluid nozzle, the gun allows you to skillfully paint with the vast majority of viscosities. It can be used for all primers including the most up-to-date UV materials.

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