Dry Spray Checklist For Auto Body Collision Repair: Expert Paint Tips

Nov 6, 2023

Spotting & fixing dry spray is easier than ever with a free checklist from The Autobody Source.

What Is Dry Spray

Dry spray, a frequent problem for collision repair professionals, presents itself as a rough, textured surface typically confined to a small area, explains The Autobody Source in a new report. The primary cause of this issue stems from the paint's inability to flow properly. This affects the looks of the paint job and can lead to further paint damage if not rectified promptly.

Dry Spray: Find & Fix

The new checklist by The Autobody Source provides a step-by-step approach to identify and address this issue.

For starters, it's important to determine if the defect is present across the entire unit or localized to a specific area, and if there are potential patterns.

The defect may not be limited to just one color, so make sure you check if multiple shades are affected.

Additional steps to take include:

  • verifying the proper film build,
  • ensuring the air pressure isn't excessive,
  • maintaining the correct distance when using the spray gun, and
  • checking the reducing solvent and spray viscosity.

About The Autobody Source

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