Salt Lake City Wellness Practitioner Development & Resilience Coach Training

May 2, 2024

For your clients who continue to struggle with feeling unworthy, powerless and flawed, expand your SLC practice with specialized trauma-informed somatic resilience coaching enhanced with the power of peak performance. SLIP™ Resilience Coach (833-669-3081) training will teach you powerful healing techniques and essential business skills.

With more and more wellness practitioners starting businesses every year, finding a unique niche that lets you stand out in the crowd and truly make a difference in clients' lives is essential!

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Improve Your Healing & Business Skills

SLIP™ Resilience Coaching's unique training and certification program is designed for medical professionals, wellness practitioners, therapists, and health coaches interested in staking a claim in a new niche that can increase their client base, job satisfaction, and income. As the company explains, "Claiming territory in this desirable niche of gamma-powered somatic resilience coaching is a clear way to differentiate yourself."

You'll also receive successful marketing blueprints  and technical support specifically designed for therapists, coaches and wellness practitioners,  to successfully launch and grow your coaching or wellness business. Be more empowered and financially secure!

Learn Innovative Somatic Healing Techniques

During the somatic resilience coach training program, you'll learn how to safely facilitate transformational online sessions with your clients both with and without the integration of oral ketamine.

Using a trauma-informed approach, SLIP™ Resilience Coaching will teach you how to empower your clients to identify and overcome the root issues that have been sabotaging their motivation, self-worth, ability to feel powerful, unflawed and safe in relationships.

"Somatic processing opens deep healing pathways," says founder Mignon Walker, MD, who designed an augmented version of traditional somatic techniques that are safer and much more transformational.

Discover more about how to transform embodied trauma into embodied resilience here:

Coach at Your Highest Level

SLIP™ Resilience Coaching (833-669-3081) emphasizes the importance of learning and maintaining peak performance "gamma-consciousness" during coaching sessions.

In its training program, you'll learn this proprietary method for improving your ability to access high-performance mental states and deepening your connection with clients while coaching to get better results and facilitate life-changing sessions. Neurofeedback training is a key element of the gamma-conscious module of the training program, giving you a solid, evidence-based foundation for your newly expanded work.

Learn more about the benefits of high-performance mental state in wellness coaching:

No Boring Lectures

As a student of the somatic resilience coach training program, you'll get access to the company's online learning platform where you can engage with live and prerecorded educational videos, your trainers, and your cohort!

Rather than a lecture-based format, SLIP™ Resilience Coaching prioritizes interactive experience based learning where you can have immersive, embodied experiences to master the trauma-informed, somatic coaching techniques.

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