Unique Donor Gift Idea For Charities: Chip-Enabled Custom Challenge Coins

Jul 19, 2023

Gray Water Ops can help you wield the power of touch when promoting your charity with their high-quality NFC challenge coin design service.

There are plenty of ways to reward charitable donations. One might even argue that the tax benefits alone are incentive enough to donate, and in fact, for some, that is the case. However, most people respond better if they are rewarded with something tangible, something that can be held and displayed. It may sound cynical, but 9/10 people simply will not donate their hard-earned money out of the goodness of their heart alone.

Gray Water Ops has seen this problem and created one of the most disruptive solutions since the ice cream social. Their challenge coins - formerly a simple way to show appreciation through the gift of a memento - have been supercharged with NFC technology, making them a promotional powerhouse for your organization. You can order your custom 3D challenge coins today to reward your donors like never before!

To see some of the stunning past designs they have been able to create, visit https://smartcoins.graywaterops.com

Gray Water Ops can provide your organization with a highly tactile way to promote your fundraising efforts. Their NFC Smart Coins™ can now be crafted with a greater degree of detail, making them more satisfying to hold and, therefore, a more effective promotional tool for your charity.

The company is offering this product following research into the correlation between touch and memory. These studies found that touch can have a tangible impact on the memory forming process, allowing individuals to remember scenarios in greater complexity and for a longer period of time, suggesting that touch may be an underutilized tool when promoting one’s cause. By providing donors with a touch-focused promotional item, they are much more likely to remember your organization and return to donate again in the future.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Gone are the days of purchasing commemorative coins only to stow them away in a forgotten drawer, hoping they appreciate in value years down the line. Our coins are meant to be active participants in your fundraising journey. They act as a constant reminder to donors of their impact and provide them with a tangible means to support your cause.”

Gray Water Ops Smart Coins™ each feature an embedded NFC chip capable of communicating with most modern smart devices. These chips can be programmed to instantly link to charity fundraiser drives or to any other website. NFC Smart Coins™ are patented by Gray Water Ops, making this a feature unique to their coins.

A range of custom design options is available to those interested in bulk ordering these coins. Metallic and enamel finish options can be selected through the company’s design service, with Pantone color match to ensure that company logos and other artwork can be accurately portrayed on the coin faces. Bulk orders start at 100 pieces.

Each coin is hand-designed by lead artist Keith Hanshaw, who is available to translate customer design proofs into 3D-rendered challenge coin designs. He is capable of creating coins in custom shapes, and has pledged to help you bring your ideas into reality, no matter how unconventional those ideas may be.

Witness the power of touch with Gray Water Ops Smart Coins™. NFC integrations will bridge the gap between the digital and physical world, while high-quality craftsmanship will make your coin truly unforgettable for those lucky enough to receive one.

To start your custom order today, visit https://smartcoins.graywaterops.com

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