Order NFC-Enabled Custom Smart Challenge Coins For Your Police Department

Jul 20, 2023

The expert artists at Gray Water Ops can provide you with the best and most high-tech challenge coins currently available on the market.

Few job demand as much as police work, and likewise, few jobs are as thankless. With so much to worry about in the line of duty, it is important that the members of your department understand that they can count on one another; that they are family.

One time-tested way to do this is to provide all members with a token of appreciation, and few companies are as well-equipped to provide those tokens as Gray Water Ops.

Through their service, you can order custom challenge coins - beautiful, custom-engraved works of art - to show your undying gratitude toward your fellow officers for everything they do.

To read more about these fantastic coins, visit https://www.graywaterops.com/nfcchallengecoins

Gray Water Ops can create challenge coins using a wide range of materials. Coins can be dye-pressed from several different metals including fine plating options like gold and silver. Likewise, the surface of each coin can be emblazoned with your department’s logo using soft or hard enamel, with Pantone color matching available to maintain design accuracy.

The tradition of police units providing their members with personalized challenge coins dates back to the 1930s, though the practice of gifting coins in exchange for exemplary service dates back much further than that. In any case, Gray Water Ops has created a patented version of this long-running tradition in order to modernize the practice.

To that end, each coin features an embedded, programmable NFC chip. These chips are unique to the Gray Water Ops smart coin product line and can be used to interface directly with most modern devices. They can be used to link directly to department web content, officer profiles, contact information, or to fundraising websites.

A company spokesperson said, “Experience the seamless blend of traditional and modern technology that makes these coins stand out from the competition. Get your hands on one today and witness firsthand the endless possibilities brought forth by innovation and imagination.”

Gray Water Ops’ resident design team is available to work with you to convert your 2D design ideas into 3D full-color artwork for use on the coin faces. The team is led by Keith Hanshaw, a professional who has been designing challenge coins since 1995.

The business is owned and operated by veterans and maintains a quality guarantee. Each coin is hand inspected after manufacture and given a custom engraved number to ensure authenticity. Bulk orders for all NFC Smart Coins begin at 100 pieces, though a single coin test run is available to proof designs or to test the NFC technology prior to ordering.

Let the professional designers at Gray Water Ops help you provide your officers with the reminder they may need that camaraderie comes first. Their products are guaranteed to dazzle!

To start your order right away, visit https://www.graywaterops.com/nfcchallengecoins

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