Medical Device, ProLaze+ 3000 Diode Laser

Feb 28, 2023

The ultimate hair removal medical device.

Medical Device, ProLaze+ 3000 Diode Laser

The Diode Laser Hair Removal Unit is the way to go! This unit is perfect for all skin and hair types due to its triple wavelength capability. When it comes to hair removal, the longer the wavelength, the deeper the penetration, while a shorter wavelength offers higher energy absorption. This laser hair removal unit offers 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm lasers for optimal penetration and energy absorption. Each wavelength of light provides its benefits to hair removal making the Diode Laser the perfect solution.

High energy pulsed diode laser system for hair removal and permanent hair reduction.

755nm Wavelength

The 755nm wavelength, also known as the Alexandrite Wavelength, covers the broadest range of hair types and colors. How does it do this? This particular wavelength provides more powerful energy absorption by the melanin chromophore. The Alex Wavelength penetrates the skin at a level that reaches the hair follicles in their growth stage, causing a stunt in the re-growth of the hair. The Alex Wavelength also ensures no harm to the surrounding skin tissue. It is safe and effective, promising quality results after several treatment sessions.

This laser is ideal for treating areas such as the eyebrow and upper lip.

808nm Wavelength

The 808nm wavelength, also known as the Speed Wavelength, offers hair removal results in half of the treatment time. This wavelength is one of the most classic hair removal wavelengths and offers superior penetration at the follicle. The Speed Wavelength provides high power, a high repetition rate, and prompt treatment through its large spot size. Being in the middle range, the Speed Wavelength offers more moderate melanin absorption making it the most optimal for darker skin types. Because the wavelength is longer, skin damage is minimized and much more avoidable. The Speed Wavelength targets the hair at the bulge and bulb, where most follicle stem cells reside.

This laser is ideal for treatment in arms, legs, cheeks, and beard regions.

1064nm Wavelength

The 1064nm wavelength, also known as the YAG Wavelength, is known for its lowest level of melanin absorption. This laser specializes in darker skin types and offers penetration at the deepest level of the hair follicle. This deep penetration level ensures papilla targeting, the location of the follicle where regeneration occurs. Because of this, the YAG Wavelength can remove deeply embedded hair, making it perfect for lessening hair growth. This causes the hair follicle falls out while also diminishing the ability for further growth. This laser has high water absorption levels, giving it a higher temperature and thermal profile. The YAG Wavelength is considered non-ablative, meaning the top layer of skin will be untouched and unharmed.

This laser is ideal for treatment in areas such as the scalp, armpit, and pubic areas.

Interchangeable Multi Spot Size Triple Wavelength (755 808 1064nm) Diode Laser

Everything One Needs to Know

The Timeless Evolution Diode Laser Hair Removal Unit is priced at $36,000.00. This unit kit is packed with one handle that can emit about 20 million times, 755/808/1064nm wavelengths, a laser module of 3000w, and a 12x35 spot size. This laser is FDA 510(k) Registered, which has been reviewed and approved by the FDA. This unit is perfect for everyone by offering benefits for all skin and hair types without losing power.

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