Tune In To The Only Daily Young Children Parenting Podcast For Great Prizes & Information

Mar 13, 2017

The only podcast dedicated to parents of young children, Morning Mom Minute, announced amazing new segments offering prizes, discounts, shout-outs and other features! Share your stories, grab the daily deals, and even get free stuff with this amazing show!

Morning Mom Minute, the new podcast offered by New Mommy Media, announced a variety of interactive segments offering parents the opportunity to win prizes and discounts.

A list of segments can be found at http://newmommymedia.com/segments/morning-mom-minute.

Even as multimedia seems to be the dominant type of online content, podcasts and other audio-only media are seeing a sharp growth in popularity. Studies show that roughly one in five Americans listens to podcasts on a daily basis, a figure that has been growing constantly over the recent years.

The growing popularity of podcasts have led producers to create high-quality shows for a variety of audiences. However, the parenting/family niche has largely been underrepresented, though there seems to be a considerable demand for such shows.

Morning Mom Minute is the only daily morning podcast for parents of young children. The podcast aims to provide a variety of useful information, interviews and educational entertainment for young families.

The podcast has announced the introduction of a wide range of interactive segments, in an effort to create a more engaging podcasting experience and offer its audience the chance to win prizes, discounts and coupons.

Among the new segments are the Daily Deals, in which Morning Mom Minute shares different deals for a variety of family-oriented products, and Finish That Phrase, a segment inviting parents to finish a parenting-related phrase for a chance to win a prize. Other interactive segments include Birthday Shout-Outs, in which Morning Mom Minute shares its listeners’ birthdays and party ideas, and My Kid Said What?, where parents can share funny stories through the Morning Mom Minute Facebook page or by calling or texting 619-866-4775.

Morning Mom Minute is produced by New Mommy Media, a media company specializing in family-oriented entertainment, and a founding member of the Parents On Demand Network. The parenting show has currently joined other top podcast hosts to promote the #TryPod campaign, which encourages listeners to tell their friends about their favorite podcasts.

Interested parties can find more details on Morning Mom Minute by visiting http://www.newmommymedia.com/morning-mom-minute

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