Looking for the Latest Parenting & Mommy Hints Tips News & Giveaways? Then Reconnect to the World Daily with Morning Mommy Minute.

Mar 7, 2017

Parents and moms seeking to escape the world of babies and children just for a minute can now listen to Morning Mommy Minute, Sunny Gault’s latest parenting podcast. This podcast is a part of the New Mommy Media lineup, a series of podcasts that looks at parenting and family life to provide helpful hints, tips and the latest news, along with parenting giveaways.

  • looking for the latest parenting amp mommy hints tips news amp giveaways then re
  • looking for the latest parenting amp mommy hints tips news amp giveaways then re

Sunny Gault, television news and web media presenter based in San Diego, has launched a daily parenting podcast called Morning Mommy Minute. This podcast is one of the first daily ever produced and focuses on delivering daily hints, tips and news to parents during one of their busiest times of the day, the morning. Designed to reconnect parents to the real world after a hectic time with children, the Morning Mommy Minute is a part of the New Mommy Media lineup of podcasts for new and expecting parents. Plus, New Mommy Media belongs to the Parents in Demand Network, a podcast group focused on delivering quality parenting information.

More information is available at http://newmommymedia.com.

Parents often find themselves listening to nursery rhymes and talking about Elmo all day. However, the recently launched Morning Mom Minute brings parents up-to-date with the latest world happenings and discusses hot topics. Plus, each daily episode includes daily deals, competitions and funny segments such as 'My Kid Said What?”

The first daily podcast of its kind, Morning Mommy Minute releases new episodes every morning from Monday to Friday, every week. Throughout the program, parents can celebrate birthdays, learn about new and exciting parenting and family products, catch-up on world happenings and enjoy guest appearances and daily segments. Morning Mommy Minute also offers new and expecting parents a range of giveaways.

The Morning Mommy Minute podcast is a part of New Mommy Media lineup. As such, this podcast is one of a series of new and expectant parents programs. Others in the lineup include Preggie Pals, Newbies, Parents Savers, the Boob Group and Twin Talks. All of these programs, like Morning Mommy Minutes, are parenting orientated, although each takes a unique approach to various parenting topics. For instance, Twin Talks focuses on life as the parent of twins and Preggie Pals, the different stages of pregnancy.

Sunny Gault, the host of the Morning Mommy Minute, created the program as she felt there is a need for all parents to reconnect with the outside world. Gault a mommy of four said, “When entirely focused on kids and family, sometimes parents lose touch with the world. Therefore, this show focuses on reconnecting new parents, so they feel healthy again.”

To find out more about Sunny Gault and her latest podcast 'Morning Mommy Minute', click on the link above.

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