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Mar 13, 2017

Twin Talks is a new podcast by the professional family media company New Mommy Media. The show gives you tons of amazing information on how to take care of your lovely twins or multiples, and you can even contribute as a live guest!

New Mommy Media, a media company producing family and parenting shows, educates and entertains with their podcast Twin Talks.

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In today’s multimedia-dominated online world, audio-only content has become highly popular with large audiences listening on smartphones, tablets, other audio devices and in their cars. With this constantly growing following on both desktop and mobile platforms as many as one in five Americans listen to podcasts on a daily basis.

Parenting and family podcasts are one of the underrepresented sectors in this growing market, and shows about twin parenting are particularly scarce. However, the growing media attention to twin-expecting celebrities such as Beyoncé and George Clooney has spurred the general public’s interest in such topics, with media companies striving to meet this current trend.

Twin Talks is a podcast offered by New Mommy Media addressing a wide variety of topics related to twin parenting. The podcast features various guests – twin experts, doctors, parents – discussing a broad range of issues related to twin health, pregnancy, education and many others.

Past episodes include educational and entertaining discussions on topics such as chances of twinning, identifying preterm labor with twins, twin vaginal and cesarean birth, caring for newborn twins, work schedule during early twin parenting, and many other. The show strives to cover a broad area of topics offering helpful information for as large a public as possible.

The podcast is dedicated not only to those interested in twins and twin parenting, but also discusses multiple pregnancy and parenting multiples.

New Mommy Media is constantly looking for twin experts and parents to collaborate on meaningful discussions on a variety of topics. Interested potential collaborators can contact New Mommy Media at

Twin Talks is produced by New Mommy Media, a family-oriented media company and a founding member of the Parents On Demand Network, a podcasting network specializing in parenting and family shows.

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