Trusted Hamilton, ON Pediatric Orthodontists Suggest Early Jaw Treatment Program

Feb 13, 2024

The best time to seek orthodontic attention for your child is now, not later! Avoid complicated and expensive treatments later in their life by calling Schacher Orthodontics at +1-905-545-3021 for early care in Hamilton.

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Getting your child orthodontic care now can simplify any future dental work they might need. Schacher Orthodontics knows the importance of early treatment - stop by its Hamilton office and help your child establish a proper dental foundation.

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This practice wants to raise awareness of the benefits that early orthodontal diagnoses can offer children and teens. By getting treatment at a young age, says the practice, your child can adjust the development of their teeth and reduce the need for more extensive modifications later on.

If you’ve noticed that your child has an imbalanced jaw, Schacher Orthodontics' growth modification program is essential. Performed sequentially, these treatments aim to rebalance your child’s jaw while correcting overbites and other abnormalities as they grow.

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Schacher Orthodontics points to the crucial nature of early diagnoses where jaw-related conditions are concerned. When your child is still in their growing stage, there’s an optimal window for easier treatment. This can potentially prevent long-term braces as a future requirement. In addition, misshapen teeth can present a safety risk - making growth modification increasingly necessary.

As explained by Schacher Orthodontics: “Growth modification can treat reverse bites in a child, protruded front teeth, some types of crooked faces, open bites and deep bites. Patients with front teeth that protrude out severely are at increased risk of teeth fracture during a fall. Growth modification can help reduce this danger.”

From the outset, the program’s initial stages involve the careful assessment and monitoring of your child’s teeth as they emerge, guided by Schacher Orthodontics and its staff. Once permanent teeth are ready for arrangement, the second phase sees the team briefly apply braces followed by a retainer as your child completes their dental alignment. 

Such ongoing treatments are vital in helping their teeth to grow into position comfortably and properly. You’ll see the positive impact for your child later on as they move into adulthood without needing to remove superfluous teeth or correct issues relating to overcrowding in their mouth.

In the words of a practice spokesperson: “When a growing child has jaw bone imbalances such that one jaw is bigger or smaller than the other, our two-phase growth modification treatment can help. This treatment is a very specialized process that harnesses the growth potential of a child and re-directs jaw growth to rebalance facial harmony.”

Alongside East Hamilton, Schacher Orthodontics is equipped to provide its pediatric dentistry services for patients in Simcoe and Brantford, with several offices throughout the area. If your child needs braces, this team specifically designs and fits solutions for kids and teens alike.

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