Trust Toronto’s Top Lawyer For Lawyers Facing Disciplinary Hearings, Disbarment

Feb 27, 2023

As a lawyer, you spend your days getting people out of trouble. But what if you’re the one who’s fallen foul of the authorities? Even lawyers need lawyers, and you won’t find a better advocate than Toronto’s William Jaksa. Call 416-900-0998 to arrange a consultation.

Trust Toronto's Top Lawyer For Lawyers Facing Disciplinary Hearings, Disbarment

Are you in trouble with the Law Society of Ontario? If you're facing a disciplinary hearing and you need an experienced attorney by your side to ensure a fair trial and to limit collateral damage to your career, call William Jaksa Criminal Litigation!

The acclaimed firm provides robust representation for attorneys who find themselves on the wrong side of the criminal justice system or in trouble with their regulatory bodies. William Jaksa brings many years of experience in assembling evidence and preparing witnesses to bolster your defence coupled with an innate knowledge of the ethical standards upheld by The Federation of Law Societies of Canada and the Law Society of Ontario.

Want to clear your name? Don't let allegations alone ruin your future. Talk to William Jaksa Criminal Litigation today. More details at

Get the benefit of Mr. Jaksa's expertise across all facets of the Canadian justice system. Your case will be in safe hands. The firm's approach to professional disciplinary charges ensures that the facts can be established quickly and steps can be taken to limit any unnecessary damage to your reputation and livelihood.

According to the Law Society of Ontario, professional misconduct by lawyers refers to actions which bring discredit to the legal profession. This constitutes violating or attempting to violate the rules set down by the Law Society Act and the Paralegal Rules of Conduct. Misappropriating or dealing dishonestly with a client's money or property, engaging in conduct that is prejudicial to the application of justice, and improperly influencing a government agency or official will also result in disciplinary charges being brought.

William Jaksa advocates for a fast response when you're first made aware of charges being brought against you. While lawyers are experts in their field, it can be a very different experience when you're defending yourself. Mr. Jaksa brings a calm, collected manner and an objective eye on the particulars of a case, ensuring you don't incriminate yourself through your efforts to cooperate with any ongoing investigations.

The firm ensures that sound legal advice and representation are at hand from the early stages of proceedings right through until a hearing, holding the disciplinary body to account for any breaches in procedure and making sure the burden of proof rests with the prosecution.

A spokesperson says, “If you are facing a professional regulation complaint or have a pending professional discipline matter, it is important to have an experienced lawyer by your side. William Jaksa has been practicing for over 15 years and is experienced with helping professionals navigate this process.”

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If you're fighting a professional allegation, call William Jaksa Criminal Litigation!

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