Trenton Medical Malpractice Attorneys Help Injured Victims Seek Recovery

Mar 8, 2023

If your newborn child was injured due to a doctor’s negligence, NJ Injury Guys (609-566-8565) can help you find justice and recover costs so that they can have the best possible chances of recovery.

Trenton Medical Malpractice Attorneys Help Injured Victims Seek Recovery

Having an injured newborn is one of the worst things a parent has to face, and part of that nightmare is the cost of care. When your infant is injured due to a doctor's negligence, there is the possibility of finding justice through the courts to recover some of the cost of care. If you're looking for support to help your child recover more smoothly, NJ Injury Guys, Trenton medical malpractice attorneys, might be able to help.

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With their help, you're more likely to be able to find justice for your child's mistreatment, as malpractice litigation is nearly impossible to do successfully without a lawyer.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, specialized therapeutic treatment services for children with birth injuries can cost nearly $40000 per year. This cost is compounded by the fact that parents raising an injured child are estimated to earn 35% less than parents of children without birth injuries, as they are required to spend more time with their child.

NJ Injury Guys help to recover these costs in order to ensure the best possible care for the infant. Your family has two years after the birth to file a birth injury malpractice lawsuit, although if you notice the injury later, it may be possible to file a later claim.

Compensatory damages include past, ongoing, and future medical bills, physical therapy, medical devices, emotional pain and suffering, and decreased quality of life. The settlement amount varies depending on the severity of the injury received and the cost of treatment.

If your child's injury occurred due to errors in diagnoses, delayed diagnosis, incorrect treatment, poor, incorrect, or non-existent aftercare, or generally inadequate health management, then it's possible to build a strong negligence lawsuit.

Birth is a whirlwind of activity, new experiences, stress and excitement, but when your child is injured, it is common to feel rage, guilt, sadness, and other intense emotions. NJ Injury Guys will help you to navigate this difficult time, address the injustice that led to the injury, and support you through the litigation process.

NJ Injury Guys is located at 274 E Front St #303 Trenton, NJ. The litigation team is led by Yalissa Alfaro, Gabriel DiLeonardo, and Jay Edelstein, and offers services in both English and Spanish.

According to a customer: “I was extremely impressed with Gabriel and the team at NJ Injury Guys. They were incredibly dedicated and hardworking from start to finish on my injury case. I couldn't have asked for a better group of lawyers to represent me. They did an excellent job and were able to settle my claim in a timely manner.”

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