Top Qualities of The Best personal injury and divorce law firms in the Greater Toronto Area

Jan 18, 2017

Find Out The main qualities that great injury and Divorce Law firms should have In the greater Toronto Area.

Injury law firms

Finding an injury law firm in the Greater Toronto Area is not just a case of looking for the most qualified lawyer, or the fiercest courtroom adversary that will go into battle for their client.

There are other qualities that anyone should look for that will be important during the preparation of a case, and the time leading up to a settlement. Here a representation of some of the less obvious qualities people should look for when choosing the best injury law firm.

Clarity of Information on the Injury Law Firm Fees and Offers

A personal injury claim can take months, or even years, to reach a settlement depending upon the type of injury, how it happened, and the arguments of both parties. Payments for legal services can soon use up all available funds, especially if the injury the victim received is preventing him or her from working.

One of the qualities a plaintiff should look for is clarity of information on fees, terms, and offers. There are many offers and terms available, such as No-win-no-fee, contingency payments, and retainers. Many firms also offer an initial free consultancy meeting to assess the case.

A good injury law firm will have the quality of clarity and clearly present their charges and terms.

Relevant Experience

The plaintiff should look for an injury law firm that has experience relevant to his or her specific case. Have they successfully fought cases where clients had received injuries in a similar way? Maybe they advertise that they are specialists in that field, for example, workers’ compensation benefits, or motor vehicle accidents.

Professional Levels of Contact

Good communication is a quality that the plaintiff will come to rely on as the case progresses. There will be long periods where nothing seems to be happening. The plaintiff may feel alone or neglected if he or she doesn't get regular updates. The plaintiff should want to know what’s going on, what happens next, and has anything changed. Many clients of injury law firms report feeling disappointed if it’s always them chasing for information rather than the law firm pro-actively making contact.

Divorce law firms

A divorce can cause great emotional distress to the adults involved, their children, and other close family members. Unlike a criminal case, or an injury claim, there is usually no clear victim or perpetrator. Many of the qualities people will want from a good divorce law firm are related to minimizing conflict while still achieving an acceptable outcome.

Good Levels of Support

While the legal skills of an individual lawyer are extremely important, just as important are the qualities of support available to them from their divorce law firm. One person, no matter how qualified, cannot deal with the case, gather additional information, prepare case notes, and be there to answer calls. Lawyers have other clients, commitments, and responsibilities.

The quality of their support team will influence the efficiency of the whole process. A client can ask what support the lawyer has from their administrators, paralegals, and support attorneys.

A Flexible Approach

Many divorce law firms in the Greater Toronto Area offer their clients a flexible approach to suit their individual case.

Firms with this quality of a flexible approach may offer non-adversary options, such as Collaborative Practice, which is an out-of-court resolution process that, for couples in the right circumstances, can be a good way to approach a separation or divorce.

Empathy and Understanding

A client will want a level of empathy and understanding from a divorce law firm. A client may want to know that they understand the emotional distress that the divorce may be causing them and take this into account when dealing with his or her needs, and the needs of others involved.

Divorce law firms need the quality of using their heart as well as their mind. A client may want to ensure they understand all needs, and can empathize with all those involved in the case, such as children, non-Canadians, or those in a same sex marriage.

In Need of an Injury or Divorce Law Firm? A list has been added below.

Consider the qualities that people are looking for in a law firm and keep them in mind while selecting the best one from the list. There will be indicators of the qualities held by each firm on their website, in their literature, within any independent feedback they present, and at their offices.

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