Top Fort Worth, TX Luxury Gift Wrap Service: Premium Wrapping Paper & Ribbons

Mar 7, 2022

Looking for a way to up your gift-giving game? Want to get professional wrapping services for your next big special occasion? Then look no further than Properly Wrapped (+1-817-377-3558) in Fort Worth, TX!

Top Fort Worth, TX Luxury Gift Wrap Service: Premium Wrapping Paper & Ribbons

In the history of gift-giving, no one has ever turned their nose up at a beautifully wrapped and beribboned box. In fact, many people will tell you they love the wrapping more than the gift inside. So why not present your presents perfectly, with professional wrapping services from Properly Wrapped?

The company’s recent announcement comes as the festive period ends and customers begin looking ahead to notable events in 2022, such as birthdays, engagements, and Valentine’s Day.

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Properly Wrapped’s latest updates provide you with an in-store location to bring your gifts to be wrapped beautifully by the store’s experts, as well as offering online buyers a collection of carefully chosen greeting cards.

A company founded on a love of beautifully wrapped gifts, owner Melanie is a professional designer with an eye for the perfect wrapping and ribbon combo. The team at Properly Wrapped work with the firm belief that the extra care and attention that goes into beautiful gift wrapping is always appreciated, and the company has everything you could need to turn an average gift into an exceptional one. Stocking a wide range of premium gift wrap, gift boxes, tags, ribbons, bows and more both in their physical store and online, the company also offers wrapping services - and you can even send your items via post to be transformed.

The company’s online collection offers you a tasteful selection of hand-picked greetings cards available for delivery, combining Melanie’s eye for style with a sense of humor and a poignant message. Many of the cards in the range include funny or uplifting quotes, and each can be paired with the company’s luxurious gift wrapping service for a gift the recipient will never forget. Card categories include New Baby, Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You, Friendship, Love, For Him, For Her, and even a range of thoughtful Spanish cards.

True to the company name, the team specialize in high-end gift wrapping services and gift wrap, and the available collection ranges from simple printed paper such as the Baby Party Animals Gift Wrapping Roll to premium foil gift wrap in a range of metallic effects and colors, stunning marble gift wrap sheets, and watercolor gift bags.

“Melanie went above and beyond for my sister’s birthday,” said one satisfied customer. “Not only did Melanie help me pick out the cutest gifts but the wrapping was coordinated with her favorite colors! My little sister felt so special and it was all due to Melanie’s extra care.”

Properly Wrapped is the retailer you can trust to transform your bags and boxes with premium gift wrap and a thoughtfully selected card.

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