All-Occasion Gift Card Online Shop In Fort Worth, TX For Your Special Loved One

Dec 7, 2022

Properly Wrapped (817-377-3558) based in Fort Worth, TX offers love occasion gift cards. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we make sure that you properly express your devotion and affection to your loved one.

All-Occasion Gift Card Online Shop In Fort Worth, TX For Your Special Loved One

How do you tell your loved ones you love them? Through text? Through video call?

How about a simple card? Despite what your partner will tell you, receiving a gift card (accompanying a great gift, of course) is a sweet gesture that won’t be forgotten! Your handwritten note is all they need to truly feel appreciated and loved.

Properly Wrapped is properly rapt with its updated Valentine’s Day gift card collection. From the quirky to the more personal, these all-occasion cards have been carefully curated to be a wonderful gift to your partner.

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The recently launched Valentine’s Day collection features cards that have been handpicked by us for your heart-warming messages. The rise of technology has had an unintended effect of people no longer wanting to give each other cards for special occasions. A simple greeting through text is assumed to be enough, but we would like to argue that a personalized gift is still one of the best ways to show your love to your partner!

That is why aside from Valentine’s Day gift cards, we also offer gift-wrapping services and supplies. You simply have to bring the gift you want to be wrapped and that’s it! If you want more creative wrapping, you can ask us for our ideas. The gift-wrapped package can include a personalized occasion card. Couples may also opt to send multiple cards to one another.

For Valentine’s Day, we have released new love occasion cards. Though mostly for romantic love, the gift cards can also be used to showcase any other kind of love, including platonic, friendship, and family.

The important thing, we say, is the personal touch that gift cards give. It is the extra “oomph” that truly showcases your affection for another.

Though based in Fort Worth, we ship nationwide. To practice social distancing, we encourage you to order your gift cards online. Shipping costs will be added at check-out.

Our company spokesperson said, "While others consider their own feelings first and overnight gifts via Amazon and send special wishes through texts and emails, you will be the bright light of someone’s day when they see the beautifully wrapped gift you give them. And when you add a unique greeting card, perfect for the occasion, they’ll be even more delighted and impressed."

Wrap your gift properly with Properly Wrapped today! Go to so you can learn more.

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