Top Facilitator In Kansas City, MO Can Resolve Your Case Without A Trial

Dec 26, 2021

Do you want to resolve a dispute without a trial? Call Midwest ADR, LLC (816-221-7600) of Kansas City, MO, and its restorative justice facilitator can help you and your opponent reach a peaceful resolution.

Don’t let your civil or criminal dispute drag on! Settle the matter peacefully and efficiently with help from Midwest ADR, LLC.

It offers a variety of alternative dispute resolution options, so you will have the chance to pursue mediation before, or instead of, a trial. Its restorative justice facilitator will work with you and the other parties involved to find a peaceful resolution.

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The company can help you avoid the time and expense associated with litigation. It conducts mediations in criminal cases, civil cases, employment disputes, housing disputes, and more.

In a criminal case, the company facilitates meetings between criminal offenders and their victims in an attempt to repair the harm caused by a criminal act. The facilitator ensures that the criminal receives due process and fair treatment and will suggest alternative punishments such as financial restitution and community service.

Restorative justice focuses on reconciliation instead of punishment. Rather than being locked up, a criminal offender must make amends to the victim and the community. For example, a vandal caught spray-painting a building may do community service removing graffiti. Re-education and re-integration into the community has also been shown to minimize recidivism (the tendency for a criminal to re-offend).

A restorative justice approach is ideal if you are dealing with juvenile offenders. If children are removed from their homes and schools and put in the juvenile detention facilities, it can derail their entire lives. A restorative justice facilitator will make sure the minor is held accountable and try to deter future delinquent behavior, but will do so from within the child’s community.

Alternative dispute resolution can also be used to settle any civil conflicts you are involved in. The mediator at Midwest ADR, LLC has experience resolving housing disputes between landlords and tenants, neighbors, and roommates. The facilitator can also tackle employment issues such as workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.

Midwest ADR, LLC has been providing alternative dispute resolution services in Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas for over three decades. Its respected facilitator has completed over 300 mediations. Sometimes all you need in your criminal or civil case is a neutral third party to identify and facilitate productive resolutions.

The experienced facilitator a Midwest ADR, LLC can guide you through the mediation process. Call 816-221-7600 to get started.

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